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WVCA Conference Presentation

No description

Jennifer Dieter

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of WVCA Conference Presentation

Research and Planning made it happen!
Make them worth attending

We couldn't do it without them
Make it EASY for your volunteers to volunteer
Wishing and Hoping is not a Strategy
Volunteers of the Year
No more boring meetings!
Find the right people for the job:

Strong committee job description (volunteers vs. staff roles)
Sub-committee descriptions
Distribute an agenda and reports ahead of the meeting
Standing agenda items
Assign tasks to volunteers/staff
Meet virtually or use technology
Keep the work in the sub-committees
Meeting time and location
Saturday, May 7, 2016
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Take a deep breath and. . .
How it all started. . .
It's not so bad
Embrace Technology
Free Tools:
Google docs/sheets

Your Organization Sets Record
My boss told me that I needed to plan an event that:

Raises a lot of money
Draws awareness of our mission
Is fun!
Too much
Check your "competitors"
Engage stakeholders
Think of a theme (don't forget your mission!)
Event format
Before you engage volunteers, have a firm strategy in place.

Don't make them wait while you get organized.

Our Gala Committee rocks!
Be specific: Think carefully about time commitment, expectations, and required skills. Don't fill the room with bodies!
Thank, recognize, celebrate, evaluate
What's next?
Thank your volunteers and recognize their contributions
Recognition at the event in the program and from the stage
Personalized, handwritten thank you notes
Don't forget event volunteers when you do volunteer recognition
Celebrate your success
Take time to evaluate what went well and what can be improved
Use those notes to start planning for next year
DO invite your volunteers to help you plan next year's event
Event Planning Software (cost):
*If you're using technology the night of the event, find the right kind of event volunteer and train them!*
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