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Life in Ghana

Sarah Simpson's Ghana project

Sarah Simpson

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of Life in Ghana

Life In Ghana History of flag: Red means the blood
spilt during it's struggles for
independence. Yellow stripes symbolizes
the mineral wealth. Green represents the
vegetation and fertility of the nation.
The black five pointed star symbolizes
freedom for it's people. Population: 23,350,927 people
Independence:Ghana gained
independence in 1957. Years
after suffering under British
rules they finally gained the
independence they needed.

Tourtist Attactions:Kakum National Park The park is an undisturbed rain forest, extending over an area of 357km square with some of the trees as high as 65 meters.(picture outside) sone other tourist attractions are the Paga Crocodile Pond,the Larabanga Mosque,Accra Cultural Centre, cape coast castle, and next door beach resort.
National Anthem:
Raise high the flag of Ghana,
And one with Africa advance;
Black star of hope and honor to all that thirst for liberty;...
Festivals: Many differrent tribes in Ghana has many different festivals. But the one I found most interesting was the festival Dipo.This imparticular festival is celebrated by the tribe of Krobo. It is a celebration for girls becoming women. This is all a celebrated with a huge parade. Natural Resources:
Some of Ghana's resources
are gold,diamonds,timber,
limestone etc.
Traditional Foods:
Ghanaians will usually
eat well-seasoned stews,
boiled yams,rice,fish,
bean leaf,a tomato fishy
soup (forowe)these thing
will be eaten on a
regular day basis as if
they were regular meals
to us.
Conflicts and Wars:
Ghana had tribal violence between
Konkombas and the Namumbas tribe
about 100 people died and about
1.2 million needed medical treatment.
During this fight this all happened
in 1995.

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