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That quail, Robert

No description

Kellee Turner

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of That quail, Robert

That Quail, Robert By Margaret A. Stanger Characters Character Trace Setting Introduction Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution Theme Reaction ROBERT She is a quail, who was rejected when she was born. an older
couple found and raised her. Robert got special attention because
she was domestic. The weird thing was, Robert had manners,
a good personality, and could be put outside without running
away. MILDRED KIENZLE Mildred is the wife of Tommy, who has a love for nature. while living in Cape
Cod, she found a bird's nest on the ground with two eggs. One cracked, and the
other broken. Mildred and Tommy cared for the egg, and after it hatched, raised
the quail. She and her husband, gave food, water, a patio, dirt, a lamp, a bed,
a bathroom, and constant handling to Robert. Together, they were the perfect foster
parents. TOMMY KIENZLE Tommy was outside on morning when he found a young mother to get her 10 or
so baby quails across the driveway. He loved animals and knew she wouldn't return to
her nest. He also knew that because she was a quail her nest would be on the ground.
he told his wife and together they raised an abandoned quail. Robert, the young bird,
was taken care of well and in return taught the Kienzles some important lessons. NARRATOR She was a friend of the Kienzles. She baby-sat for Robert a couple of times and shared their sadness, joy and suprise.Her name was never mentioned though. JACKIE Jackie is the poodle that Robert wants to be friends with. the poodle is a minor role. ROBERT Robert started as a smart, but playful quail. She (or actually at the time, people thought Robert was a he) was not really resonsible. Robert was just learning. But later, she matured, became less active, and more respectful. Even though Robert was a quail, she had quite a personality. The setting is a Cape Cod home and the forest surrounding it. There is the inside of the Kienzle's and the Narrator's homes. They are large with bedrooms, kitchens, family rooms and dens. The story took place during Robert's life; from egg to death. Robert is found in a nest
in the Kienzle's yard. She is still in her egg. Robert hatches. Robert is temporarily adopted
by the Kienzles. Quails reject babies that have made contact with humans, so Robert stays with the Kienzles. A woman goes to see Mildred to look over her son's report, because Mildred tutored him. Robert went to see the lady and sat on the table to say hello, but the woman yelled at Robert when she caused the papers to fall off the table. Robert was upset by this and spilled juice right onto all the report cards. Robert was scolded by the woman and ran off to the front guest room. She watched the mother drive off in her car. Robert sat there and sulked. In the end, Robert passed away. It was kinda predictable, but I liked how the author told us Robert's life beginning to end. She passed away in her sleep, so it wasn't really too sad. The theme to the story is to respect nature and all in it, because it can surprise you. Robert showed this to everyone in the novel, so almost everyone who met her feel in love with Robert. I know now to respect everything around me, because it is God's gift. My reaction to this story was that I thought it was intersting how I could learn how a quail is raised. I also, like I mentioned before, thought the book was predictable, because I knew they would raise the quail, she would get sick, injured, lay an egg, die. It was all expected. The climax to That Quail, Robert, was when the Kiezles decided to raise the quail. They didn't know if they should or not, but they did in the end, and that lead to many bigger and smaller events.
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