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English Book Presentation

The Giver by Lois Lowry

Sofina Lam

on 24 November 2013

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Transcript of English Book Presentation

Sofina Lam 7B (8)
The Giver -- Summary
The story begins with an eleven years old boy, Jonas. He lives in society controlled by the elders. It is a society without fear, pain, color, love or choices. Everyone is assigned a job and would eventually be killed of oldness.
As Jonas turns twelve, he was assigned to be The Receiver of Memory (The Giver). The Giver, holds the memories of pain and pleasure of life. No one in the society knew about the memories. In order to let the people receive their choices and memories, Jonas decided to run away to Elsewhere, a place outside the community. Once he leaves, the memories of suffer and pleasure will be released to the community.
Weeks later, Jonas biked to the top of a hill, which appeared in one of his memories before. He was determined that at the bottom of the hill it is Elsewhere. The story ended as Jonas sledded down the hill, where there was a group of people waiting for him.
My Impression of This Book
I like the story because:
written rich with details
brought me in to thought
the ending of the story (seemed finished by describing how Jonas sled down the hill going to where he thought was the Elsewhere, but yet kept me wanting to know more.)
how the author used the story to bring up the importance of choices and memories.
Why I Recommended This Book
The Giver won the 1994 Newbery Medal and has sold more than 5.3 million copies.
It is a story with detailed explanation and a tight-knit plot
suitable for all age, specially anyone who like science fiction stories
English Book Presentation
The Giver -- By Lois Lowry
Main Theme of the Book
Memories and Choices
It made me understand the power of choices:
The society in the book seemed perfect at the beginning, as everything had already been decided by the elders.
I later realized that actually the people were born without the decision of feelings and were subdued to obey the fate the elders decided for them
Therefore they don't know how to make choices to their own life
We all have the freedom of making choices
It is important for us to know which decision is right and which is wrong
I understand the importance of memory:
In the book, the elders and the giver tried to take the memories away from people in the society
They wanted to make the people forget about warfare, rebellion, choices and freedom and to make them subdued their order
However, this also made the people forget memories on music, playing and laughter.
In real life, losing our memories may let us forget about the sad memories in the past, but we also loss the pleasant memories we have with friends.
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