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How to Clean Your Room?

No description

Mico Chang

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of How to Clean Your Room?

What if some day your room
turns out to be like this? How to clean your room effective interesting What you need to follow.....
1. Pull everything out from under your bed and dressers.
2. Attack the bed pile.
3. Make your bed.
4. Deep clean
5. Stack your books and magazines neatly.
6. Check the rest of things.
7. Do the finishing touches. Choose music with a fast beat 1. Play music! Cleaning show 2. Make a Game! Basketball Colors Competition 3. Shed Some Light into the Room 4. Pull Everything out from under Your Bed and Dressers. 1. Throw away trash first. 5. Attack the Bed Pile. separating different categories of things (clothes, shoes, books, etc)

Put them in their place.

However, don't organize yet or you'll lose momentum. 2. Deal with give away. 3. Make a pile of the rest. 6. Make Your Bed 7. Deep Clean Wipe all surfaces with a cloth or
paper towel and an appropriate cleanser. 8. Take a Break should not last longer than 10 to 15 minutes 9. Stack your books and magazines neatly Stack them by height:
biggest on the bottom
shortest on the top 10. Straighten or Organize Anything Else
that Needs Attention. Look around your room and see if there are any spots remaining that look messy. 11. Do the Finishing Touches. Mop or vacuum the floor. Empty the trash. 12. Reward Yourself! The organization system
you use doesn't matter! Follow simple Steps!!!!
Cleaning your room can also be fun and effective! strip it bare.
change the sheets. ceiling and floor corners
desk and bookshelf
dresser and closet. Label each shelf and alphabetize your books. Sweet Remind!!! keep room clean for a long time afterward.

You get something out, you put it away.

Also try to make your bed every day.

These are cleanly habits that will prevent you from having to clean your room as often.
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