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Twitter for Professional Development

No description

Jeff Herb

on 10 January 2016

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Transcript of Twitter for Professional Development

by not being on Twitter
What you're missing
Setup Your Account
Enter your Name in the first box

Email Address Here

Username (@Professional)


Human Check!
What is Twitter?
Social Network that allows 140 character messages.
Powerhouse of Information Sharing
A way to interact with like-minded educators from all over the world

Let's get an account (it's free - and WORTH IT)
Getting Familiar with Twitter
Create a new Tweet
Twitter for Professional Development
Jeff Herb
Let's Get Ready!
Life will be a lot easier for you if:

You have a QR Code Reader on your mobile device:
bit.ly/ConnQR *case sensitive

You have a Laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc that can access web pages.
Search (#,@,topic)
Interactions (Mentions, RT)
Interacting with Others (and their content)
Who Tweeted
Their message
Reply to @wfryer
Retweet this tweet
Favorite (saved to your favorites)
Great People To Follow
Get the most out of Twitter
Consider having a professional and personal account.
90% Rule
Use a profile picture of yourself.
Follow for Quality not Quantity.
Keep your account Open.
Break the ice before conferences or meetings.
Follow Back
Develop a Community
Twitter Chats
An awesome way to connect with like-minded educators...
Let's start building your PLN
An extremely short questionnaire.
Participating in a Twitter Chat
Designated times using a designated #hashtag

Use a free service such as TweetChat.com or TweetDeck
New Ideas
Better your Teaching
Share Resources
Exchange Ideas
Active Learner
Get Inspired
The Power of Doctopus
Share a Google Doc with you
Based on Form response
A free technology tool demo!
Fill in the Doc that was shared with you

This way, you can immediately start following relevant PLN members!
The only thing more powerful than Twitter PLN...
is when you meet F2F
Created in 2006

400 Million monthly visits to Twitter.com

200 Million ACTIVE monthly users

How many 'tweets' every 2 days?
What Else?
TweetDeck or HootSuite
The Weekly Challenge
Twitter Lists
Apps - TweetBot, Twitter, TweetDeck
How District 123 is using Twitter
In the Classroom
At your Building
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