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Independent Reading

No description

Amy Swanson

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of Independent Reading

Independent Reading
Read silently for 15 minutes. Place your reading log on your desk. Be silent and focused. Strive to see the story or information like a movie or images in your mind. I will be bringing you a new reading log.
Getting Set Up
I will call you up alphabetically and assign you a number computer.
Take a mouse.
Plug in the mouse and headphone using the USB jacks before you turn on your computer.
Log on and open a Chrome window. Play a song or video to test the headphones and adjust the volume. After doing so, close the song or video and...
Go to http://parcc.pearson.com/tutorial/
LOOK UP and wait so we can all move on together.
BERGERON narratives
Now, we will continue to peer edit each other's narratives. When you have sucesscully finished this portion of the assignment, use the comments from your peer and your own understanding of the rubric to make improvements to the narrative.
Turn in both drafts, labeled as rough and final, in addition to the peer edit with the name of the peer who so graciously edited for you.

Turn in BOTH drafts of the essay plus the peer edit (whole packet) by tomorrow.

If your peer edit is incomplete, have someone at home do it for you.
PARCC Tutorial
Guaranteed, you know how to do all of these things already. However, by reviewing the format and tools available in the test, we can reduce anxiety about the test and hopefully get you a higher score.
I'm going to lead you through the tutorial.
Then, we can try out the student tutorial, which is less like a lesson on the format and more like a practice test.
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