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Protestant Reformation

Ap European History : Na'Briya Ware

Nabriya Ware

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Protestant Reformation

"We Italians are irreligious and corrupt above others, Because the Church and her representatives set us the worst example." - Machiavelli

The credibility of church leaders from the 1400's through 1517 was badly damaged due to Instances such as The Great Schism and the Babylonian captivity. The population had begun to realize that the majesty of the Church , wasn't as it seemed.
Protestant Reformation
AP European History
Na'Briya Ware

Signs of Disorder:Clerical immorality, Clerical ignorance, and Clerical pluralism
Many of the cleric priests violated the law of celibacy.BUT, 'Preistly'Injustices were not limited to sexual conduct. The avid consumption of alcohol, Gambling, and indulgence ( living and looking better off than those they administer to )are included.Thus the preists were, clearly , judged. Regulations were not enforced by the Bishops as they should have been, which is why these things continued to happen.
Clerical Immorality
Clerical Ignorance
On a visit by San Antonio to the churches of a Parish church , He found the churches and books in a nasty state , and the preists themselves hardly able to read or write. In masses they stumbled over the Latin words , and couldnt even begin to understand them. Leaving much of the congregation just as confused when they left as they were when they entered. * 10 points for the Critics *
The Condition of the Church
Many clerics , especially ecclesiastics , held several offices. This created a problem. Of course , they would spend more time in the offices of higher power which would lead to the neglect of their duties in their other positions. They collected the revenue for jobs they did not do , and hired a poor preist who was bound to be just as illterate and hopeless as the rest , then pay him a fraction of the revenue.
Clerical Pluralism
One of the Most Notorious cases
of Absenteeism/pluralism ,
was a French Diplomat:
Antoine Du Prat.
He had never set foot in his own cathedral
until the day of his funeral ...
Antoine Du Prat
The Christian church had control of most of the money in Europe. The Christians saw it fit to reward government officials with a place in the Church.
Churchmen served as:
Royal councilors
Government officials
Diplomats and judges

Finely dressed men endowed with jewls : The humble fishermen disciples of Christ?
Signs of Vitality
Vitality is defined as growing strength , Principle.
At this point , everyone was fed up with the Catholic Church,its overall lack, and demanded reform.
Cardinal Francisco Jimenez de Cisneros visited religious houses and encouraged monks and friars to hold their constitutions, and to provide a more rigorous training for the clergy.
Brethren of the Common Life: a group of laypeople who lived the simplest of lives , feed the hungry, clothed the naked, and helped the sick. All while teaching the Gospel.also taught and prepared candidates for priesthood
" The imitation of Christ: Urged Christian to take Christ as their model ( thus contradiction the behaviors of the previously defined clerics) and seek perfection with a simple life.
People of all social classes devoted an extensive amount of time to religion. Specifically the Roman Catholic church.
People still made pilgrimages to great shrines
The rich remembered the church in their wills
(With religious leaders)
Meanwhile...Everywhere else..
Members of the papacy also began to express and desire for reform. Pope Julius II summoned the ecumenical council.
Luther's Early Years
Martin Luther and the Birth of Protestantism
I would not take all the Worlds goods for my Doctorate."
- Martin Luther
I figure everyone is bored now..so here
Ninety Five Theses
Back Story : The Archbishop of Magdeburg (Albert) was Pluralist. In order to keep his three positions , papal dispensation was required. In order to pay for those he borrowed from the Fuggers Family. To pay BACK the Fuggers , Pope Leo X -being one of the few that were aware of the financial transaction.- Allowed Albert to sell
*"As soon as coin in offer rings , The soul from Purgatory Springs."
These Theses were Written by Martin Luther
Martin Luther .. as most of us are today.. was baffled by the ignorance of the people. Thinking that all they needed was to purchase an indulgence and have no further need for repentance.
Luther attacked the sale of indulgences when he nailed the Ninety-Five Theses to the door of Wittenberg castle.
Martin Luther's Position..
This should cover it..
Other Effects: Ulrich Zwingli

Ulrich Zwingli_ January 1, 1519. Announced that he would no longer preach from the church's readings. But from the New testament. Denounced indulgences, Mass, Monasticism, and Clerical Celibacy.
Protestant Thought
First : How is a person to be saved?
- Salvation comes from faith alone. That God, not people , Initiates Salvation
From a period of 1520-1530 Martin Luther Set up the basis of Protestant Fundamentals
Second : Where does Religious Authority
Sola Scriptura
: Authority rests in the word of God itself ,The scripture. From that point , it was to be conscientiously interpreted.
Third: What is the Church ?
The church consists of the entire community of Protestant believers. Whereas medieval churchmen identified the church based on the clergy.
Fourth:What is the highest form of Christian life?
At the time , the highest form was monastic. Luther implored that all versions are one and the same,. That one should serve God In their own ways , and through their callings.
Priesthood of all Believers
That there are 3 instead of 7 sacraments supported by scripture.
Protestant sects developed a theology of one of the Sacraments ; The Eucharist.
Both Protestants and Catholics agree that the sacraments are received as a grace.
Other Fundamentals
(cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr
Which (or how many of these )Lead to The Formation of Martin Luther's Ideals of Protestantism?
a. Clerical immunities and privileges
b.Chuck Norris
c. Poor quality of Sermons and Clerical ability
d. Indulgences and Ignorance
a, c, and d.
Its best you remember these.
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As a result of the previous acts , Martin Luther was summoned by Emperor Charles V to the Diet of worms. He was ordered to recant.

He was thus declared an outlaw.

But received protection from Duke Frederick of Saxony.
Diet of Worms
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