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Griffins Gummy Bear Lab

No description

Griffin Schopf

on 20 October 2016

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Transcript of Griffins Gummy Bear Lab

These are the gummy bears we used.
An example of a gummy bear in water overnight.
Define the problem
The question my group asked is what will happen to the gummy bear if soaked in different solutions overnight.
Make a hypothesis
My hypothesis is that it will grow in water
GRIFFINS Gummy Bear Lab
Examples of the lab we did.
There are many steps in the scientific method my group used 5 of them.
Scientific method
Test your hypothesis.
My hypothesis was incorrect.
For water the gummy bear had grown.For vinegar it almost dissolved and it had turned into a gelatinous form.For baking soda It stayed in tact and grown.For salt water it had stayed in tact and grown.
Analyze the results.
For water it had grown
For vinegar it turned into jello
For baking soda it stayed in tact and grew
for salt water it stayed in tact and grew.
Conclusion time
This is were you might ask yourself questions like. Was your hypothesis correct.
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