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Media Literacy - ESL Reading Lesson

No description

Soona Kim

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Media Literacy - ESL Reading Lesson


How are women
described in media?
How are men
described in media? First Reading Predict the article. CLOSING Media Literacy - Lesson 2 Reading 1. How do you think women are generally portrayed in the media? How are men portrayed?

2. Have you been affected by the media in a similar manner?

3. Predict the title of the article by filling in the missing letters. Are W__ __ __ __ in the __ __ __ __ __
Only __ __ __ __ __ a __ __d As Sex Icons? o m e n M e d i a P o r t r y e
1) What is the main purpose of the article?

2) Why do you think the author contained statistics as part of the article? Share your thoughts with your partner. Warm-up Vocabulary Predict the relationship in meaning
between each pair. Work with your partner. 1) misrepresentation
underrepresentation 2) expose
shed light on 3) dominate
in charge of 4) ironically
typically 5) discourse
misogyny Gist - 1 m 1. How are women often depicted in media?
How is this different from men?

2. What is the main purpose of the organization, "MissRepresentation.org"?

3. What does Marie Wilson mean by "You can't be what you can't see"? Post-reading
Activity 1 Word Wide Web Use at least 3 words/phrases from KEY WORDS below. Post-reading
Activity 2 Has media ever caused you to question your
own self image? How? What are some negative portrayals of women/men that you've seen in media? Some positive ones? Do you think media can be a valuable tool for improving one's self image? Why? Personalization What new things did you learn from the article?
What was the most interesting for you?

- NEXT CLASS Second Reading Important Details - 4m Be Creative! This article points out that the ______________________ of women in media is one possible source of ______________________ of women. The organization, “MissRepresentation.org”
______________________ this issue and ______________________ the negative impacts of the stereotypes of women in media. According to statistical data, it is clearly demonstrated that men are largely ______________________ most leadership positions and ______________________the voices in media. ______________________ female characters in film and television were not portrayed in leadership roles and were less likely than male characters to achieve their goals. ______________________ women have outnumbered men in statistics of journalism and mass communication graduates. The misrepresentation of women in media not only limits appreciation for intellectual women but also causes many social issues, including ______________________ and gender inequity. The media is a powerful instrument of change. It’s up to us women to use the force of media to correct the representation of women and promote positive national ______________________. discourse underrepresentation
expose ironically shed light on
dominate in charge of typically
misrepresentation misogyny sheds light on misrepresentation exposes Typically, underrepresentation discourse misogyny Summary
of the Article dominate Ironically, discourse underrepresentation
expose ironically shed light on
dominate in charge of typically
misrepresentation misogyny in charge of While you watch the video clips,
think about...
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