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Steps to Sustainability

Corp Sust

Robert Stillwagon

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Steps to Sustainability

Steps to a "healthier" Philadelphia
1/3 of all energy used for meat industry
Pollutes more sources of water then all other industries combined
Diet Vegetarian Vegan What are some simple steps towards eating sustainably in Philadelphia? The Joy of Cooking Reduces waste from packaged foods
A first step towards healthier lifestyles
greater control over what you put into your body
*promotes drinking with roommates
Pescatarian www.hungrynation.com Healthy Dinner Dessert and Booze on a Budget Pollutants Vegetarian diet uses 400 vs 3000 gallons of water per day Meat Industry Shopping Habits Buy Fruits and Vegetables in season at places like the Reading Terminal Market Coops Buying Local Buying in season fruits and vegetables Label Concious Organic Humane Cage-Free Elimanate red meat from your diet for a week delivery@weaversway.coop 215-843-6945 Local Products Muth Family Farm Severino's Organic Soil Company FirstWatch Farms
Lancaster Farm Fresh Red Earth Farm Wimer's Organics CSA http://farmtophilly.com/ Standard Tap
6:00 - 9:00 PM
2nd & Poplar St.
Philadelphia, PA 19123
Tel: 215 238 0630 Try Small Steps or Take PETAs "Pledge to be Vedge" 30 day challenge Pick one food group to buy locally Decide to buy all your meat and dairy locally at Reading Terminal Market Harold G. Ochs and Sons sells local and organic local meat on Saturdays Grass-fed May 5th
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