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6.04 The Korean War Assignment

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Alejandra Rincon

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of 6.04 The Korean War Assignment

The Korean War Chart
6.04 The Korean War Assignment
Democratic elections to be held in the entire country.
By 1948, it was apparent that the communist north and the democratic south were separate regions.
To pursue North Korean forces beyond the 38th parallel.He wanted to defeat the North Korean Army.
The North Korean Army was to strong to take on just like that.
To keep the UN troops away from the Chinese border. That way there would be less of a chance that China would want to join the war.
MacArthur assured Truman that the Chinese army would not join the war when his force reached the Yalu River. But eventually the Chinese did.
North Korea
The UN Army to stay away from the border between China and Korea.
The Army tried to cross it anyway. MacArthur's army was too close.
To make peace with North and South Korea.
China was about to join the war in favor of Korea.
In May, the Republic of South Korea was formed with a capital at Seoul. In September, the People's Republic of North Korea was formed with a capital at Pyongyang. The United States had reduced the number of troops stationed in South Korea. North Koreans viewed the withdrawal as an indication that the United States would not fight to keep South Korea. With support from the Soviet Union, the North Korean army launched a surprise attack on South Korea on June 25, 1950. They quickly took over much of the country.
He did a surprise attack on them and surrounded them from all around.
MacArthur had been wrong in his assessment of the Chinese. They were a powerful army, and their entry into the war caught him by surprise and that in April 1951, Truman announced that he was relieving MacArthur of his command.
The Chinese army moved to aid the North Korean Army.
The UN had to come up with a plan.
General MacArthur
President Truman
United Nations
He wanted to invade China in order to reestablish a democratic political system. He was the leader of the UN Army. He ambushed the Chinese from behind while some troops were fighting already from the front. He then trapped the Koreans between them.
1. How did General Douglas MacArthur react to the events in Korea? What was his stance on the Korean War?

President Truman wanted to stop the Koreans from fighting. He wanted to restore peace with the North and South Korea. President Truman assigned General Douglas MacArthur as the leader of the UN troops. Truman didn't want the Chinese to want to join the war in any way. He told MacArthur to stay away from the Chinese border in all circumstances.
2. How did President Truman respond to the events in Korea? What was his stance on the Korean War?

I think that President Truman's actions were more justifiable because he didn't want the war to happen and he somewhat knew what was happening. MacArthur didn't listen to Truman and ended up making the Chinese join the war. The war ended up lasting longer than it should have in the first place.
3. Which leader's actions were the most justifiable—General McArthur's or President Truman's? Support your claim with evidence from the lesson.

No. I think it would have gone even longer because of what MacArthur had already caused. MacArthur disobeyed President Truman and that ended up causing the Chinese to want to fight. I think the MacArthur being fired was something good that was done. That maybe gave the UN a chance to actually fix things. Even if MacArthur was a good general sometimes, this was a bad thing that he did.
4. Would the outcome of the Korean War have been different had General MacArthur not been fired? Why or why not? Support your claim with evidence from the lesson.
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