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Multi level car parking types

No description

Abhinaw Sai

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Multi level car parking types

Multi-level Car Parking Classification Puzzle type parking Multi-Floor Parking Need
Present Scenario Elevator or Tower type Advantages
Elevator Parking is used in Apartment Blocks, Commercial and Office Parking applications.
Safety is ensured by use of a parking safety zone and multiple safety sensors.
Access to and egress from the parking bay is quick, safe and convenient.
The Elevator Parking system is the most efficient system in terms of surface land space required for an installation.
The operation of the system is overseen and reliably governed by a computer.
The system operates with very low levels of noise and vibration.
Maintenance costs are minimized.
The cost per parking space is low.
Elevator parking system uses well tried, tested and reliable lift technology Why MLCP now more than ever? • Presently demand for cars going up at the rate of 15% per annum.
• Presently approximately 15 lakhs cars are being sold every year.
Population of India’s six major metropolises increased by about 1.9 times during 1981 to 2001.
the number of motor vehicles went up by over 7.75 times during the same period
• Making roads more expensive than parking infrastructure. Proven Technology Over 5,000 parking systems in use worldwide.
Less Pollution
Security from Theft and Car Damages
Our automated parking systems will save you space, time & money
Simple structure, simple operation
Speedy system, moves smoothly, not noisy, it can be constructed and implemented in residential areas. There are two basic technologies used for
Multilevel Parking:
• Conventional type
• Automated type
1. Only with simple operation, the user can check its operation with his naked eye.
2. With perfect control, it is extremely safe with perfect double-locking system.
3. It operates with the best efficiency and speed, by 3-dimension control system. Advantages
Parking and retrieval of the parked vehicle is quick, safe and reliable.
The parking of SUV's and other such vehicles can be accommodated.
An engineered safety zone, together with multiple safety equipment guarantees its safe operation.
The cost per parking space is low.
This system is suitable for both public and private use.
Maintenance costs are minimised.
The Multi-Floor system is tried, tested, well proven and very reliable with a large number of reference sites available. The design of conventional multi-level
parking includes:

• Entry and exit ramps and/or car lifts

• Aisle/circulation space between the vehicles.

• Car parking area. Automated type
Technologies used for automated parking systems
are of following types:
o 1. Puzzle type

o 2. Tower type

o 3. Multi floor type

o 4. Rotary type Merits Advantages
Quick Automated Parking and retrieval of vehicles.
Up to 12 cars or 10 SUV's can be easily and safely parked.
Surface space required equivalent to just 2 surface car parking spaces.
Most suitable for Staff or dedicated user parking.
Engineered to ensure Driver safety by use of an electronic Safety zone.
Low maintenance levels required by the system.
Does not require a parking attendant.
Easily constructed in a small area, just requiring a simple concrete base and 3 phase electricity.
This system is cost effective when extra land for surface parking is not available.
Rotary parking is extremely reliable and has been well tried and tested with many reference sites available. Rotary type automated parking •Project Finances
The landed project cost is estimated considering the cost involved in:
• Construction.
• Project development fees.
• Interest during construction.
• Cost of Approvals & Sanctions.
• Pre-operative cost and Contingencies etc.

•Layout of basic estimation:

• Total construction cost: 25% of the project cost.
• Overhead costs: 3% of the project cost.
• Equipment cost: 68% of the project cost.
• Interest during construction: 3% of the project cost.
• Operation and maintenance cost is taken as 20% of the revenue generated. Current trends Thank you!
Any queries?
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