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US History 11

No description

Jimmy Backes

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of US History 11

Last Day of Reconstruction and Stuff! (Maybe) July 1868: 14th Amendment
African Americans can vote! Actually...Southern states
could be punished for denying
the right to vote to black citizens, which is... Johnson had his way...until the Radical Republicans were overwhelmingly voted into congress. which is... Not quite what Abe wanted... Kuklos: Greek for "Circle"
Wore white because they were
"Ghosts of Confederate Soldiers" Also not what Abe wanted... Saved by 1 vote EXACTLY what Abe Wanted "Won the battle...lost the war" Hayes Prevails A Political Crisis: The “Compromise” of 1877 Sammy Tilden—Boo-Hoo! Ruthy Hayes’s got my Presidency, and he won’t give it to me! Alas, the Woes of Childhood… “Corrupt Bargain”
Part II? The Political Crisis of 1877
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