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dental chair and its part

parts of dental chair are described in details different kinds of dental chair are discussed as well

shahriar ghalijaei

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of dental chair and its part

by:Ghalijaie , Shahriar Dental chair What is a dental chair? A dental chair is a chair which you sit in when you are at the dentist so that the dentist can look in your mouth easily. Old Dental chair Modern Dental chair Types of modern dental chair Portable Dental chair it can be carried anywhere you want
usually it is being used for the community dentistry or mobile clinic in military service Non-portable Dental chair this type of chair is being used in the dental clinic and it cant be moved from one place to another
it is provided by a wide base attached to the floor and its very heavy Types of non-portable Dental chair General Dental chair
Kids Dental chair
Exodontics Dental chair Pilot lamp the lamp attached to dental chair to be focused on patients mouth to be easier to work Tv with camera
(optional) tv and camera is not attached to all the units it is only attached to very modern dental chair for the presentation of the Doctor to the patient to give a clear view of the oral cavity Cup holder which holders the disposable cups so it will be easier for the doctor and patient to get a new cup at any time of need
usually its not attached to all dental chairs exodontics dental chair
(surgical dental chair) dental chair being used by dentist or surgeon
being used for surgery or for extracting teeth
it has two belts to keep the hands of patients away from the working area Tumbler holder it holds the glass or tumbler used by the patient,generally provided by a faucet that automatically fills the tumbler with tap water High volume evacuator it works the same as saliva ejector the system is a means for removing water, saliva, blood, and other fragments during a dental procedure.
the difference is it has higher power Saliva ejector A metal/plastic holed mouth piece which helps in keeping the mouth and field of working free from the interference of saliva Syringes Air syringe

Water syringe Kids Dental chair it is being used by some dentists or pediatric dentists
only used for kids patients to keep them happy and interested since they are not easy to handle General Dental chair it is being used for any purposes in dental clinic and its the most common type of Dental chair being used by dentists Water syringe :it gives off a fine thin stream of water for flushing or cleaning the tooth or areas needed to be cleaned Cuspidor/Spittoon A bowl like receptacle for the reception of saliva,fluids and debris from the mouth of the patient .
usually it is provided with water pipes to clean the bowl and push them toward the drain portable Dental chair

Non-portable Dental chair Opaque glass plate/x-ray viewer holds dental radiographs place for reading and interpretation Bracket table holds the hand instruments and other materials such as cotton cotton holder and the like used by the operators High speed and low speed adaptor devices used to hold the hand pieces used by the operator Dental chair control controls the movement of the chair to make it easier for the operator to work on the patient and to move the chair
bend forward and bend back ward Curing light it is used to “harden” or light-cure dental materials using Ultra Violet (UV) Reheostat/Foot control A foot-controlled device placed on the floor near the operator to control the function of the dental handpieces.
parts of dental unit Air syringe :it gives off air to the tooth/teeth being treated Have a nice day!
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