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Stepping into the MYST

Stepping into the MYST from the MSET Conference 2010.

Michael Sandridge

on 1 May 2010

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Transcript of Stepping into the MYST

Stepping into the Myst How did I get here? What I see in the picture is an old, crooked moldy tree that kinda looks like an african tree so its probaly an old crooked moldy african tree. -Cole I see a very odd tree leaning with some leaves. Also I see tall grass. Plus I see lots of dirt patches. Also I see some trees in the background. -Ryan I see a tree that has a trunk that looks like a y and a really blue sky ,it looks like a grassy plane there are no animals on the plane but I do see some bushies -Jon http://www.timrylands.com/ http://tbarrett.edublogs.org/2008/07/19/emerging-from-the-myst-being-inspired-and-making-a-start/ What to do before you get started... How do I structure a writing lesson around this? Reflections Remember... this is a tool for writing Play the game before you use it in class Hook the kids. Give the kids a clear writing goal everytime you play Do Don't Crush their curiosity Be too proud to cheat Squeeze it in Forget that this is really fun Be afraid to share But don't take my word for it... Stepping into the MYST Mike Sandridge Carroll County Public Schools MSET 2010 mlsandr@carrollk12.org twitter: @wingsonwater03
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