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Funny Reading

No description

Farida Khusainova

on 30 March 2017

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Transcript of Funny Reading

Funny Learning
In the next activity, you will be able memorize the letters through playing and putting the pieces of the pictures together.
What kinds of books do you like to be read?
Do you want to read on your own?
What do you need to be an independent reader?
Today we will answer to these questions.

These activities are help you to recognize the consonant and vowels, blending and segmenting the simple words and developing strategies to decode unfamiliar words.

You will journey through five websites and begin to recognize the alphabet letters and associate them with their sounds.
You will learn to idnetify the letters and sounds of the words using a picture cue of the puzzle pieces.
In this Website there are phonics song and activities that can help you to associate the names of the alphabet letters and sounds that these letters stand for.
You will be able to identify alphabet letters. This song will establish a joyful mood and give you an opportunity to make connection between your prior knowledge and new knowledge .
Tracing the letters, you will be able to write the alphabet letters by identifying consonants and vowels.

Five smiley faces/ five points
Four smiley faces/four points
Three smiley faces/ three points
Need Help
Two smiley faces/two poits
Refer to a specialist
One/zero smiley faces/ one/zero poins


Congratulations, you achieved the goal of recognizing of the letters and their sounds. You have learned how many letters are there in alphabet, you have learned to produce consonants and vowels. Consequently, blending and segmenting the simple words, you developed knowledge of decoding unfamiliar words, and finally, you have learned writing and reading some letters and words independently.

You will learn to identify consonant and vowels, Phonemic awarenes, and reading simple CVC words.
You will be able to write the alphabet letters through practice tracing the letters.
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