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How to make a board game!

No description

Kian ha

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of How to make a board game!

How to make a board game!
By, Joshua Dore and Kian Ha
1.Rules that make the game harder but more fun
2.Make the game original, don't make it too similar to some other game
3.Make a theme that is super creative
4.Give it a nice look
5.Balance the playing field. Nobody should be too over powered
6.(optional)Make game interaction, make the players have a conflict with each other(example: make them fight for each other's loot)
7.Give the players a goal(example reach the goal, beat the boss )
8.Make obstacles to make the goal harder to meet

Once you have these you are ready to go!
building your game
To test the game all you need to do is play the game.and see if there is any thing you can improve on. If it's to easy, then add more obstacles or squares. If too hard, then get rid of a few obstacles or squares. if satisfied, then you made your own personal board game!
testing your game
You have finished the board game! Great job! Also, remember to have fun playing your new board game!
1.Figures (you choose)
2.cards (if you want)
3.dice /spinner with numbers
5.game tiles (drawn or bought)
tape for 3D buildings (optional)
6.Coloring materials (color pencils,markers,etc)
Board Game Necessity
I cant believe they finally finished!
1.Think of a path for the players to take
2.Place the obstacles away from each other so they're not next to each other
3.Give the board 3D structures
4.Make the board, game pieces, and structure all colorful.
5.Give the board game a theme
6.If there is cards, then make a place for them
7. If there is a spinner, then make a space for it
thanks for watching
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