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New Urbanism


alison eberhardt

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of New Urbanism

New Urbanism
Changing the way our
buildings build

Alison Eberhardt
Pedestrian-friendly streets provide green, easy, and free transportation around town. Traffic is designed to be slower and safer, parking lots are hidden, and some streets are even reserved for pedestrians.
"Walking is the best exercise. Habituate yourself to walk very far." -Thomas Jefferson
Everything is interconnected; there are no dead ends or cul-de-sacs. Interconnected blocks organize the city into a grid like pattern. If there is an accident or traffic jam, there will be another way to get to your destination.
Mixed Use and Diversity
There isn't just one type of building in a structure; multipurpose buildings allow for more open, public spaces, and for people to be closer to the things they need. Shops are on the bottom and residential or office spaces occupy the higher levels. This increases diversity in design, and age of residents.
Mixed Housing
Multiple types of dwellings give those living in them a sense of pride and individualism. This also allows for multiple types of housing styles, like Cape Cod bungalows and more. Housing projects are eliminated, and residents can "move up" without moving out.
Quality Architecture and Design
"Total design is nothing more than a process of relating everything to everything" -George Nelson
Traditional Neighborhood Structure
Houses are arranged to be closer to increase a sense of community. They are designed to make the inhabitants happier and friendlier, new urbanism designs itself around the idea of community.
Increased Density
Logical organization of a city, with farms and sparse houses on the outer ring and more houses in the middle rings. This eventually increases to a definite commerical core in the center.
Green Transportation
Whether it be biking, rollerblading, or walking, new urbanism decreases distance so you can go further. One of the main points of the design is to reduce dependence on cars, without taking away the feeling of independence.
Every building, park, and path is engineered to last for at least one hundred years. Nothing is simply thought of and thrown up. Even if no one wants to use the structure, you can redesign the inside and keep using it.
Quality of Life
People living here are happier and healthier, because they are living in a community designed for them.
The End
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