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OPAL: Sustainable Communities

No description

Vivian Satterfield

on 15 June 2013

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Transcript of OPAL: Sustainable Communities

Sustainable Communities
There is no Sustainability without Equity.

Equity is a Superior Growth Model
Dr. Manuel Pastor (USC) and PolicyLink
Regions promoting immigrant and POC inclusion outperform
Support those with the most "skin in the game"

Urban EJ = Intersection of Housing, Transit, Jobs and Health
Mirrors Obama's Sustainable Communities Initiative
Transit Justice
Fair distribution of transit benefits and burdens and meaningful involvement of transit-dependent people in decision-making

Safe, affordable and accessible transportation is a lifeline to opportunity & essential to our QoL

Fare increases and service cuts should be a solution of last resort

Bus Riders Unite is OPAL's membership program for transit-dependent leadership development
Housing Choice & Mobility
Must get the land use right - provide opportunities for people at all income levels to live where they work, play and pray

Inclusionary Zoning - allows jurisdictions to require affordable set-asides within new developments over a certain threshold size

Portland has legacy of Redlining, Urban Removal and moving around pockets of concentrated poverty
Economic Opportunity
Green Jobs for All
Less than 40% of jobs in Portland metro region are accessible by 90-minute transit ride

Employers are screening for transit-dependency because the system is unreliable

Bus Drivers are Green Jobs, but we are "automating" transit with light-rail

Urban landscaping, stormwater management, green-building and weatherization jobs
Health Equity
POC and low-income communities are disproportionately exposed to ORM emissions

East Portland residents have higher mortality rates due to risks from built environment

Riding transit meets CDC daily recommended level of physical activity

Access to open space and recreation
Building Power for Environmental Justice and Civil Rights in Our Communities
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