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Summer Camp Counsellor

No description

Nick Fassbender

on 28 March 2018

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Transcript of Summer Camp Counsellor

Working together at the Ropes Course
The Pool
The Staff
-This is my third year working at the camp

-This is the camp's eighth year of business

-There are about 50 staff
-The owners Sean Hopper and Anita Hopper also work during the year at Venta Preparatory school which is on the same property as 5 Star Camps.

-To reach them, you would call 613-880-5479
-I start work at 8 o'clock on Mondays and finish at 5.

-The rest of the week I start at 9 and end at 4:30.

-I drive to work everyday.
-Our new inflatables station was a huge success.

-It is a new highlight to the camp this year and the kids loved it.
Summer Camp Counselor: 5 Star Camps
-This summer was amazing for me.

-I feel like a grew as an employee and overcame many challenges.

-I feel as if the staff have gotten closer and that works to our advantage.
-However, some kids were a huge handful. Particularly week five.

-None of the kids listened, plus they focused all their energy on being negative instead of participating.

-This makes our job more difficult and makes the week go by slower.

-I love children. Looking forward into a career, I definitely see myself working with kids.

-I love the feeling of knowing that I made a difference in someones life, especially a child.
-No matter what, safety is always key.

-Every group and station carries a first aid kit and sunscreen and bug spray to protect the kids from the elements.

-At the ropes course we use each other to stay safe. For example we watch others complete tasks and if they slip, we would catch them.
-Work with the youngest group at cam

-Age group: 5-6 years of age

-Not many males are qualified to work with this age group
-I am so great full to be given this opportunity every year. I am in love with every individual who has anything to do with five star.

-Doing this from a co-op perspective to because it allowed me to reflect with the log sheets. It also allowed me to look past the summer camp counselor position and made me look into this as a career. Not specifically summer camp counselor, but a job with kids. It was an amazing summer!
-Mondays: Meet groups. Welcome campers

-Tuesday:Crazy Hat and Hair Day

Wednesday: Wet and Wild Day

Thursday: Survival

Friday: SHOW DAY!
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