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School Captain Speech!

No description

Charlotte Raspass

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of School Captain Speech!

School Captain Application!
Hello! I’m Charlotte Raspass and I’m here today to tell you that I would make a great school captain
Now teachers, I know it might be hard to find the right school captain to lead our school with pride and excellence but first of all you’ve got one speaking to you right now!
Now, here are some characteristics that I believe a true leader should have. Respect for teachers and students, Pride for their school and work, Kindness, A desire to lead with a good attitude and most of all great leadership skills.
I’ve always wanted to be a School Leader as I love to help and inspire others, I am positively committed to being of service.

I would also like to share a couple of the ideas I have for areas where I could contribute as a Leader to the school:

Donations to Missions – a monthly “Mission: Possible” where each class brings in certain types of clothing and other supplies that are needed

New sports equipment – a sportsathon involving different activities that we are sponsored for OR a $2 entry fee charged to participate in a lunchtime sports carnival with stuck in the mud etc. where the winners get points for their house.

There are so many other ideas I’d like to develop as School Captain and to involve as many of my fellow students as possible to bring the school together and make better friendships.

Now you're probably wondering if I have any examples of when I've been a great leader so I'll tell you one...
My School Captain Application!
Charlotte Raspass 5C
I Am Going For School Captain.
I believe great leadership skills include:

Putting yourself forward to help others
Not being afraid to try something new!

One day when I saw someone in the playground sitting alone, I didn't just leave them but I walked over to them and had a nice friendly chat then after I invited them into my group. Doing this helped raise the awareness in the playground about the people who're left out. So this is why I would make a great leader because of what I do.
Some Ideas :)
So I trust that I have showed you what a great school captain candidate I can be and I thank you for your time and listening today and that I leave you with a sense that kids at NBCS are ready for being a captain, especially me!
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