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Australia in the 1950s.

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kasvi luthra

on 16 February 2013

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Transcript of Australia in the 1950s.

Decade Study: The 50s. History 2013 10F Food Fashion Entertainment Celebration Day: 1959 Music What kind of music would have been influential? Sport What kinds of sports would people have participated in? Transport How would people have travelled? What kinds of food would people have eaten? What kind of apparell would have been popular? What would have been the source of entertainment? Australian History: Decade Study Music Fashion Food Entertainment Sport Transport 1950s kicthens
were very different to
the ones we have now
as they did not have
modern appliances. Women would not
only cook the food
but also serve it. 'Take aways' were non-
existent. Canned fruits and vegetables were
very common and often used. Women used to go
to a lot of trouble to
fully prepare meals from
scratch and these meals
would have 2-3 courses. Christmas in the
1950s small hats were
very much in fashion.
pillboz hats and hats
with floral patterns on
them were very popular. Bridesmaids in 1950s. A simple, elegant
1950s wedding
dress. The one-piece swimsuit
was very popular amongst
women in the 1950s 1950s wedding dress. women's weekly Poster beach dudes Home journal magazine FX holden was the first
car released in Australia in 1948. FJ holden was released in 1953
and it cost 1074
pounds - equivalent
to 68 times the average wage back then. By 1955, there are
1 850 000 cars in
Australia. Because of the huge
growth in car ownership,
houses were now built
with garages and/or carports. Air travel was not popular
or common as the planes could
not fly at very high altitudes. Despite this, in the late
1950s, Qantas purchased
a Boeing 707. in 1958. Qantas became the
first airline in the world to
imtroduce regular round-the
-world services. in the 1950s, diesal trains
were running and they were
faster, cleaner and coul carry
more load than steam trains. As cars were too expensive
in the 1950s, most people
took trams, trains and buses
to and from work. Australia was considered a 'sports mad'
country. We also performed well on an
international level and were encouraged
because of regularly warm weather. Cricket,
Tennis, Australian rules, rugby league and
union football were very famous. Melbourne hosted the 1956 Olympics,
the first to be held in the southern
hemisphere, where Australia came third
with a total of 35 medals. We took all the
golds for the women's and men's freestyles. standout Australians in the olympics were Dawn Fraser and Murray Rose as well as Betty Cuthbert. Out of the three Ashes series in the decade, Australia won three of them. Australia won the men's singles
title at Wimbledon from 1952-
1958. Soccer and Football were also
gaining popularity. American music was highly
influential in Australia
during the 1950s. Frank Sinatra Ricky Nelson Chuck Berry Johnny Ray Television was introduced
to Australia in 1956 but
not many people could afford
it so the main medium for
music was the radio. The original rock n roll,
popularised by buddy holly
and chuck berry in america
became popluar in Australia
because it fitted in with our
changing pop culture. In March 1958, Johnny
O'Keefe's "The Wild One"
was the #1 single on the
Australian charts. In 1955 it was estimated that 97% of Australian households owned a radio set. Rock n roll gained popularity
in 1955 with the release of
Bill Haley's hit song "Rock
around the clock" Young Australians gathered
in dance halls dressed in the
latest rock n roll fashions and
performed dances. Elvis Presely was known world
over as the king of rock n roll.
He tapped into the young teen
market and thrilled audiences
with his original styles. Within a few short years
of its introduction, Television
had become the nation's most
popular form of entertainment.
by 1959, it was estimated that
over 50% of families in Sydney
owned a television set. In the early days of its release,
TV screened in grainy black and white and broadcasts were limited to a few hours a night. Therefore, watching television was a special event. A large set of television shows
were imported from overseas
and Australians were exposed to
foreign cultures like never before. Early Cinema Hall Dance Halls Sport Horse Racing Surfing Picnics Dance Clubs
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