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WBT 2014 National Conference - MS/HS

No description

Sarah Meador

on 23 June 2014

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Transcript of WBT 2014 National Conference - MS/HS

Whole Brain Teaching
How do we seize students' attention?
How do we emphasize a big point?
How do we motivate students to work hard?
How do we teach Common Core
Language Arts concepts?
Super Star
What is a WBT lesson?
Hall of Fame
five powerful classroom rules?
Silvery Living Legend
Whole Brain Teaching
Middle School - High School
How do we achieve 100% student engagement?
How do we transform students into teachers?
The Discipline Funnel
How do we teach
Common Core math concepts?
Living Legend
Super Improvers Story
Two students have a foot race. The faster student wins and gets an "A". The slower student loses and gets an "F". Everyday they have the same race. Everyday the result is the same.
After a while, the faster student loafs, and the slower student quits. Of course! The grading system is unfair and doesn't motivate either kid!
A teacher creates a new race. Now, the fast student only gets an "A" when she beats her previous best time. Same for the slower student. Now each student always runs as hard as possible!
Moral: The only fair race is the one you run against yourself!
Golden Living legend
How about students who refuse to participate?
Putting it all together
WBT strategies work will help MS/HS kids buy in!
Post this in your room.
Teach the brain parts using gestures.
Use the brain vocabulary, helps older kids not feel "babyish".
Stop what you are doing.
Turn and look at me.
Hands down.
Emphasize content gestures.
Develop a gesture for each big vocab word - every time you/they say it, do the gesture.
This is the cue that something is REALLY important.
Folded hands - hands are distractions!
Tell Your Neighbor...
Teach your neighbor...
Turn and Teach your neighbor
Be specific.

"Use three Brainies and teach your neighbor everything you know about igneous rocks.
Class Yes
Talk for 1-2 min.
Teach Okay
The Bridge:
Full turn
Use big gestures
Repeat over and over
Power Pix:
Shows word, picture, and gesture
Short Example lesson...
What is the Geologic Time Scale?
Play as long as possible with no reward.
T v. S, girl v. boy, right side v. left side
Then small rewards:
+/- homework, lining up at door, cleaning up lab
Play class against class, weekly totals


Rules Detention

Leadership Team

Pre-teaching Gestures
A positive, effective classroom

A classroom where learning is fun for you and the students

Learning based on solid pedagogical theory

Higher retention, greater involvement

WARNING: You may experience the danger of irritated colleagues.

What You Can Accomplish

-The Scoreboard Game
-Rules Detention
-The Guff Counter
-The Independents
-The Bulls Eye Game
-Agreement Bridge

Award "Student" points for both individual and whole group behavior,

Only award "Teacher" points for whole group behavior.

Oooh, point for me! I get to talk more!
WE TALK TOO MUCH...at one time, that is.

You can only keep 7 items in short term memory.

3 to 5 items is ideal for young people.

Use Teach-OK FREQUENTLY to reinforce learning, and move items to long term memory

Rules Detention
Similar to Practice Cards in lower grades.

Student stays after class for 1 minute to review the rule that is frequently being broken.

To review the rule, the student says the rule over and over, with gesture, for one minute.

Give the student a pass to the next class.

The Agreement Bridge
-Full eBook available on WBT website

-Great for PBIS Tier 3 support

-Individualized contract with student
A game that builds descriptive paragraphs!
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