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The House of the Spirits-FOILS

No description

Mariah Zambuto

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of The House of the Spirits-FOILS

The House of the Spirits

The term ‘foil’ refers to a literary device where the author creates a character whose primary purpose is to create a contrast to another character by laying emphasis or drawing attention to the latter’s traits and characteristics through the former’s obviously contradictory ones.
Mirrored Characters- Foils
Examples of foils in pop culture
Mariah, Palmer, Kalika
What is a
What about foils in The House of the Spirits?
page 189
"... he felt constantly punished, even in the days when he had reached the height of his power and had them all in his fist."
page 269
"But Alba did not feel the least bit lonely."
page 325
""I see it's Senator Trueba's granddaughter!" Garcia exclaimed ironically."
page 286
"He wanted to hurt her, destroy her...He wanted to do it,feel her writhing and kicking at his knees...He wanted to hear her moan and die in his arms. He wanted to pull off her clothes. He felt violently aroused."
page 189
"In that part of the country, which was littered with illegitimate children and even legitimate ones who had never met their fathers, he was probably the only one to grow up hating his last name."
page 189
"...if only his father had been born inplace of Blanca, Jaime, or Nicolas, he would have inherited Tres Marias..."
page 140
"...the strange Esteban Garcia,
who was destined to play a terrible role in the history
of the family."
page 189
"Esteban Garcia picked up a nail and was about to stick it in his grandfather's eye when Blanca arrived and shoved him away..."
page 262
"'There's no need to worry about this little girl. She will be lucky and she will be happy.'"
page 264
"...[Esteban Trueba] had gone through a lot of trouble to be sure the child would not have to use her mother's as if she were a child of shame and sin."
page 284
"...left him a true orphan in that crowd of brothers and cousins where he was a nobody."
page 290
""I'm going to die aren't I darling?" she asked.
"Yes, Grandmother, but it doesn't matter because I'm here with you," the child replied."
page 318
"She was in love."
"She finished school that year and decided to study philosophy for pleasure and music to annoy her grandfather..."
page 327
Alba's 14th birthday present.
page 404
"Alba immediately recognized the voice of Esteban Garcia. At that moment she understood that he had been waiting for her ever since the distant day when he had sat her on his knees, when she was just a child."
chapter fourteen
Garcia's feelings are blurred and changed, he seems to almost have a love for Alba.
page 432
"I have to break that terrible chain."
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