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Doctors Without Borders (MSF): Pediatrician

No description

Mia Ornelas

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Doctors Without Borders (MSF): Pediatrician

Thank You!
Intro: What is MSF?
Doctors WIthout Borders (MSF), is an organization that allows physicians to go on missions to provide medical care for people all over the world.
Diagnose diseases and help cure outbreaks in diseases not common in the U.S.
Intro: Facts
How to Join MSF
To become a physician:
-Undergraduate education: 4 years at a college/university
-Medical school: 4 years at any LCME-accredited school
-Residency: 3 years for pediatricians
MSF: Pediatrician
-At least 2 years of general medical experience (completion of residency is ideal)
-Must be available for at least 9-12 months
-Experience with international traveling
-Open to experiencing new cultures
-Being bilingual is ideal (French)
MSF: Pediatrician
-Diagnose and treat children in third world countries
-All traveling is paid for
-Mission-specific vaccines at no cost
-Pediatricians in MSF start with a monthly salary of $1500 with frequent increases
-Salary is based on the humanitarian spirit of the job, more of a volunteer experience
-Payment of interest on student loans after first field assignment and for six months thereafter
More About MSF
By: Mia Ornelas
Doctors Without Borders (MSF): Pediatrician
MSF has physicians working in over 60 countries, including The Philippines, Syria, and Haiti
Helps countries affected by epidemics, natural disasters, and armed conflict
Must be a certified physician
General Requirements
More Information: Benefits
MSF is all about helping others, and reaching out to people that need it most.
In the Field:
MSF physician working to stop a Hepatitis E outbreak in South Sudan
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