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Early Greek Crossbow

No description

Owen Crouch

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Early Greek Crossbow

By: Owen Crouch Early Greek Crossbow Early Greek Crossbow The early Greek crossbow was invented around 400 B.C.E. How was Gastraphetes helpful to the Greeks? Battle Problems Invention of Gastraphetes Pictures The early Greek crossbow was also called "Gastraphetes" Gastraphetes was more powerful than a simpler bow, also the crossbowman can take more time to aim without using his strength to hold back the string Although gastraphetes is more powerful than a normal bow of their day, it took more materials and time to make Gastraphetes also helped the Greeks win many battles because the crossbow could fire approximately 50 meters farther than the average bows of the day! The inventor of the early Greek crossbow is uncertain but possibly could have been at command of tyrant Dionysus I of Syracuse. Early Greek Crossbow Early Greek average bow Crossbow machine Men in battle with crossbows The invention of the gastraphetes helped the Greeks win many battles , and it also led to bigger seige weapons like the ballista Facts 1)From Ancient Greek , English translation: "belly-bow" Notice how the man is loading gastraphetes with his belly Thanks For watching!!! 2)It was described in the 1st century AD by the Greek author Heron of Alexandria in his work Belopoeica The Greek engineers first constructed a comparatively small machine, the gastraphetes (belly-bow), a version of a crossbow. Name: Gastraphetes (“Belly-bow”)
Type: Composite Crossbow
Origin: Ancient Greece
Date: Around 400 BCE
Inventor: Uncertain, but possibly at command of tyrant Dionysius I of Syracuse.
Bolt: 40-60 cm
Tension Power: 70-60 kg
Estimated Range: 200-250 meters Fact 4 Fact 3 Fact 2 Fact 1 soldier with crossbow
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