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Leo Carten

No description

Steven Fraser

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Leo Carten

Leo Carten
How to replace batteries!
First time installing batteries? No sweat, you're in the right place!
Step 4 / Paso 4
Be sure to test to see if you did it correctly, and enjoy television!

Asegúrese de probar para ver si lo hizo correctamente, y disfrutar de la televisión!
Step 1 / Paso 1
Remove the cover to the remote that is protecting/covering the batteries. Use the screw phillips screw driver I assigned you,
and turn left
to losen the screws.
Be sure not to lose screws

Retire la tapa para el control remoto que está protegiendo / cubre las baterías. Utilice el tornillo Phillips destornillador les asignaron , y girar a la izquierda .
Step 2 / Paso 2
Take put the old and replace with the new batteries. Listen up!
Make sure the positives and negatives line up
! Use the pictures below as a reference.

Tome poner el viejo y reemplazarlo con las pilas nuevas. ¡Atentos ! Asegúrese de que los positivos y negativos line up ! Utilice las fotos de abajo como referencia .
Step 3 / Paso 3
Reattach the cover using the philips screw driver. Turn right.
Turn only unril tight
, do not over tighten it or you will strip the screw.

Vuelva a colocar la cubierta utilizando los philips destornillador . Gire a la derecha. Gire sólo unril apretado, no más de hacerlo .
Material list:
Television remote, two- four batteries depending on the brand of remote, and a Philips screw driver
Lista de materiales:
Televisión remoto, de dos a cuatro baterías dependiendo de la marca de distancia, y un destornillador Philips
Where is the cover found on the remote?
Typically the cover is found on the backside of the remote.

What size screw driver do I use?
You should use a screw driver that fits your bolt perfectly.

How long does the batteries take to install?
Depending on how fast you install them, it usually takes the average person 7-10 minuites.
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