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Innovation Through Design Thinking Wind Energy Systems in Copenhagen, Denmark

Assignment:Choose a field specifically connected to Denmark, explore ways it can be improved through innovative thinking

Leeds Mallinckrodt-Reese

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Innovation Through Design Thinking Wind Energy Systems in Copenhagen, Denmark

Throughout the ages, windmills have been redesigned to suit the human need. From windmills that pump water for salt making to energy generators. New Developments Today, innovators are taking alternative energy concepts and creating new designs to implement into the human market Wind Power in Denmark and Beyond Ivan Perilla, Leeds Mallinckrodt-Reese, Tyson Ng Sources \ http://old-hha.asb.dk/man/cmsdocs/publications/windmill_paper1.pdf http://www.vestas.com/ http://www.dongenergy.com/ How are we, as innovators, able to develop a windmill that is an efficient energy source for personal use, while solving the existing problems? http://www.windpower.org/ -- the website of The Danish Wind Industry Association http://wiki.windpower.org/index.php/Index http://www.windpower.org/da/medlemmer/kort_over_vindindustrien.html Samso Denmark Innovation through design Samso Wind Energy Researchers are moving toward such developments as
wind as a heat supplier
using wind as power for transportation
long term storage of wind power Leading energy provider in Denmark They scare away birds and animals fold-able portable wind generators - to supply power in those areas that do not have access to electricity
kite wind generators - there is 100 times more wind energy stored at higher altitudes. The wind kites can reach higher places in order to capture the energy. It is also less obtrusive than a windmill
wind and solar powered street lights Issues with Wind Future of Vestas? Safety concerns zero carbon footprint output
serves as a functioning home to 4000 residents
Utilizing both wind and bio-fuel energy
the concept and planning can be taken as a model and applied to new developments on shore
and off shore 43,000 turbines globally worldwide
all turbines have monitors that give information for future improvement as new turbines are installed.
The goal is reliability and cost-effectiveness
insurance program
training of workers is a major concern
manpower, turbines, installation and engineering grids can all be provided by Vestas "91% of Danes think that Denmark should work toward maximizing wind power use" Windmills are loud and obtrusive.
The amount of energy production is not cost effective compared to the price of constructing a windmill.
Windmill maintenance and its inconsistency
Windmill farms have the potential to change climate. Major wind turbine company of Denmark, and a global player in renewable energy

No 1. Aim
Lower the cost per kilowatt of energy produced
No 2. Goal
To develop standard concepts and products to use for maintenance, planning, and construction

MEGAvind - in Denmark, chooses research and test sites with highest cost-reducing potential
TP Wind- advises surrounding European countries on wind issues

The Danish Government owns 79 % of shares, Followed by 11 % owned by a private energy consulting company for both businesses and people called SEAS-NVE Holding Smart Grid Finances how to integrate all re-newables 20 year return on investment Offshore wind plants have much higher potential for energy. They have strong, predictable winds, that are easy to utilize but... Merger Mitsubishi Energy integration http://www.alternative-energy-news.info/technology/wind-power/wind-turbines/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Offshore_wind_power Guangzhou, China.

The 71-story

2.3-million square-foot Pearl River Tower will be the most energy-efficient super-tall building ever built.

aims to be a zero energy buidling
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