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Automation security

No description

hoka faried

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Automation security

security car system
Project Introduction

security car

Project Introduction
Project Idea
Project idea appeared from increasing number of accident and Increase in car thefts.

Analysis of our problem:
By analysis our problem we found that main reasons of the problem are :

Solution of problem:
After thinking of these reasons ,we find the following actions will be a good solution for this problem :-

Introducing Our Project

Project Hardware
Software Tools
As we are members in our society
As we are engineers (Problem solvers)
We ask our self Why we don’t try to solve this problem.

1:There is no system to prevent the theft of the car from the inside.

2:There is no system to reduce the occurrence of accidents.

1:Put anti-theft security system inside each car so as to prevent stolen and driven from their places.

2:Develop a system to protect the car from the outside to avoid accidents
How can we do It ???
Hardware Component:
The Robot
-We use it to measure distances and sent to the computer.

Ultrasonic Sensor
-We will use robot instead of car
to learn more.

-The controller in our project is arduino.
-it consider as the heart of our project.

Key Pad
-We use it to send data from the computer to the Arduino and vice.

Software Tools
Arduino IDE
we used it to write the program that will interact with our Arduino board and the devices connected to it.

We will use it as a driver of our car by send data to arduino.
Use it to show data of car on PC screen such as distance.
At the end , any problem can be solved if we think in a good way
Thanks for your time

Our Team :-
Asmaa Gamal
Dina Mostafa
Heba Faried
Mona El sayed
Marwa Medhat
Reham Fahmy
Salma Mohammed
used to drive motors
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