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Lincoln Planks Speech 2013

No description

Jain Akshay

on 17 February 2013

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Transcript of Lincoln Planks Speech 2013

Akshay Jain Abraham Lincoln: The 6 Planks of Leadership Vision Good Decisions Motivate Ex.1: Lincoln's ability to understand plague that slavery was to US diplomacy, society, and economy

Ex.2: Lincoln's ability to see what was best for the US

Ex.3: Lincoln's ability to see that the Confederacy was no match for the Union because of their lack of industrial economy

Ex.4: Lincoln's ability to see past partisan politics in his reestablishment of the postwar South Willingness to Act Ex.1: Willingness to go to war with the Confederacy

Ex.2: Willingness to voice out against Radical Republicans

Ex.3: Willingness to vocally endorse African American rights

Ex.4: Willingness to re-accept South into Union without any penalty Ex.1: Going to war with the Confederacy to insure fair state's rights

Ex.2: Freeing the slaves to insure a righteous and fair US

Ex.3: Passing of the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments to guarantee rights to newly freed slaves

Ex.4: Elimination of poll taxes and literacy tests so to further acknowledge black voting rights Ex.1: Use of Emancipation Proclamation to motivate Union

Ex.2: Use of slavery as an issue of war rather than state's rights because it was a better motivator

Ex.3: Motivating Radical Republicans to rethink their harsh ideas for the defeated Confederacy

Ex.4: Motivating Newly freed Blacks by passing amendments that fully guarenteed voting rights

Handling Conflicts Ex.1: Ability to handle pressure from Radical Republicans during Reconstruction

Ex.2: Ability to successfully handle Civil War with minimal causalities

Ex.3: Ability to successfully exploit the weaknesses of the Southern economy

Ex.4: Ability to successfully pass 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments while dealing with pressure from newly defeated Confederacy

Avoiding Pitfalls Ex.1: Motivated Union through the Emanicaption Proclamation, therefore avoiding the pitfalls of unmotivated troops

Ex.2: Successfully schemed around the weak Southern economy to avoid pitfall of any Southern rebound during war

Ex.3: Actually gave Blacks rights after war, therefore avoiding any backlash

Ex.4: Actually removed poll taxes after war, therefore avoiding any future voter discrimination
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