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Copy of "Raymond's Run" Plot Diagram

8th grade language arts

Presley Darcy

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of "Raymond's Run" Plot Diagram

Rising Action
Falling Action
Main Characters: Squeaky and Raymond
Minor Characters: Gretchen, Mary Louise, Rosie

Setting: Harlem, New York, in the past

Conflict: Squeaky wants to win the race and be the best.
Squeaky is practicing her running as she is watching her brother, Raymond.
Gretchen, Mary Louise, and Rosie stop and taunt Squeaky about the race that is coming up. Squeaky defends her brother when she thinks they are making fun of him.
Squeaky arrives at the May Day races; her teacher suggests that she let Gretchen win the race.
The race begins, and Squeaky sees Raymond running along beside her.
Squeaky finishes the race strong and beats Gretchen.
Squeaky realizes that Gretchen is a good competitor. She also realizes that Raymond is a good runner. She plans to coach him so that he could have something to be proud of.
Squeaky learns to respect others, and she learns that there are more important things than winning.
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