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Copy of Lesson 1: Sugar Sweetened Beverages and Your Health

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Brittany Tibbo

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Lesson 1: Sugar Sweetened Beverages and Your Health

Sugar Sweetened Beverages
Lesson 1: Sugar Sweetened Beverages and Your Health
The Importance of Drinking Water
the best choice when you are thirsty.
helps to carry around nutrients in our bodies, digest food, maintain a good temperature, keep a good blood pressure;
helps our muscles contract and our joints to move.

young people are drinking less water and more beverages that may not necessarily be healthy choices
How Much is too much sugar ?
We don’t need the sugar from drinks or cakes or cookies or candy!!!
high blood pressure

What are the four food groups?
Vegetables and Fruit

Milk and Alternatives
Meat and Alternatives
How Can beverages help or hurt me?
Unsweetened fruit juice may also have no added sugar, but fruit juice has natural sugars in it. If you are always sipping juice between meals, the teeth are being coated in sugars over and over again.

Remember to clean your teeth!

Sugary drinks and snacks can cause tooth decay
is the best drink to have between meals
of our blood is made of water
of our bodies are made of water
We would not function without water.
I’m referring to drinks that contain
most Canadian children your age are consuming

92 grams
What does sugar do to our bodies?
The healthy things we eat each day give us much better forms of long lasting energy.

heart disease
Does Your Drink fit into Canada's Food Guide?
With Financial Support Provided by the Government of NL
Too Much Sugar can cause
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