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Ashley Elementary

No description

Mike Cammilleri

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of Ashley Elementary

Ashley Elementary
A Blended Learning School

Dream/Sueña – Believe/Cree – Achieve/Logra
Ensuring that ALL of our students are given an engaging 21st century education that is conducive to college preparation, skills mastery, and personal learning plans.
Meets our Non-negotiables
Go Math! was not just “aligned” to CCSS, it was written SPECIFICALLY for for CCSS
Has Spanish resources
Works towards mastery
How is it Aligned to CCSS?
Slides 5-6
Go Math! Allows students to explain the concept learned through Math Talk and Write Math prompts after completing their daily task to reinforce depth of knowledge.
Go Math! Is organized around Critical Big Idea Areas, each Critical Area has its own section
Go Math! has 60% of it’s lessons on number sense because it is aligned with CCSS. 60% of the CCSS has number sense.
Go Math! Has only 130 lessons so all of the lessons are taught before the PARCC test.
It’s about time a curriculum did that!!!
After assessments, standards are reinforced through review projects and prerequisite lessons for concepts presented in future grades!
Instructional Approach
Lessons begin with real world problems that are instructionally sound and relevant to students
Strategies and conceptual understandings are brought forth through emphasis on:
Visual representations
Mathematical models
Student explorations
Go Math! and Blended Learning
Animated math models (lesson tutorials)
All lessons are on interactive whiteboard
Online assessment system
Guides, student books etc. are eBooks
Three components, featuring TWO instructors, in our Reading blocks
Reading Mastery block (40 minutes)
Direct instruction
CCSS aligned
Explicitly teaches vocab, fluency, and comprehension
Successful in “Uncommon Schools”
Successful with language-impacted students
Guided Reading block (40 minutes)
Guided-reading curriculum(s) will be identified in the coming year for 2014-2015
Potential candidates: Mondo, Journeys, Benchmark
Blended Learning block
(40 minutes)
Students read an AR leveled Tumblebook on ipads
Students take an AR quiz on ipads after reading
Students take a teacher-created edmodo quiz based on current content featuring CCSS-aligned questions
Students practice spelling and applying vocab on sumdog literacy
Examples of Blended activities:
A solid Tier 2 and Tier 3 intervention will be utilized

Possibilities include: Wilson Foundations, SRA Literacy Interventions, Mondo Interventions, Blended resources…

2013 - 2014 Plan
Select classes pilot Write from the Beginning, other classes remain with Writing Alive

Ashley Team will compare data at end of year to make decision on which curriculum is best for Ashley in 2014 - 2015

Science & Social Studies
Reach by National Geographic
Why Reach???
Reach is a program that can be used in conjunction with a dual language model.
Reach can be used as your ELD block, literacy block, vocabulary block and writing.
Reach is available in English and Spanish.
Reach has an the ability to work as an all digital literacy curriculum for teachers and students.
Program Overview
Actively engages and immerses students in a connected, expanding, and dynamic language environment.
Layers and scaffolds essential skills and strategies to move all learners to independence.
Easily adapts to meet your instructional priorities and requirements.

Reach by National Geographic is a newer program.
Results presented are from a district in South Carolina:
Key Findings
• English language learners show 45% more growth in reading in one semester • Reach students increase in comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary • Reach aligns with district’s content-based ESOL model
Research link:http://www.ngsp.com/tabid/1425/Default.aspx
Reach Online

Reach Online is an internet based site. No software needed. Reach has the ability to work as an all digital instructional environment.
Reach online overview:
Blended Reading Time
Whole group reading of grade appropriate Science text (to be chosen by the Ashley Team) or Social Studies Alive! where the teacher models and guides students to use technology in order to stop and make time for:
Thought exploration
Links to prior learning
Other higher order reading skills
Partnerships for experimental and experiential science will be made available to students on an expeditionary basis as well as integrated into our extended day
Go Math!!!
Language in ALL that we do!
Dual language enrichment education, developing bilingualism, biliteracy, and biculturism
Gomez & Gomez Dual Language Enrichment Model
One Way Model
This model will primarily impact ELA-S classrooms
Pre-K through First Grade ELA-S Expectations
Language Arts: 120 minutes of Spanish instruction
Mathematics: Bilingual pairs (ELL’s only) English Instruction for 90 mins
Science: Spanish Instruction for 45 mins
Social Studies: Spanish Instruction for 45 mins
Second through Fifth Grade ELA-S Expectations
Language Arts: Spanish Instruction for 90 mins
Language Arts: Bilingual pairs (ELL’s only) English Instruction for 90 mins
Mathematics: Bilingual pairs (ELL’s only) English Instruction for 90 mins
Science: Spanish Instruction for 45 mins
Social Studies: Spanish Instruction for 45 mins
Roll out
Year 1: Pre-K through First ELS-S
Year 2: Pre-K through Second ELA-s
Year 3: Pre-K through Third ELA-s
Two Way Model
This model impact ALL classrooms in a building but would require a Spanish speaking teacher in every grade level as well as a Math/Science & Social Studies platoon. Future teachers at Ashley will be hired with this model in mind as an ideal model for the future.
One Way is great, but Two Way is better!
Considerations and Accolade for the Gomez & Gomez Dual Language Enrichment Model
More effective in teaching Spanish dominant students than how we teach now at Ashley…a hybrid between early and late exit bilingual education.
Dual Language Model is used in 533 elementary schools in Texas
This includes 46 school districts where ALL their elementary schools use this model!! (One-way or Two way)
You don’t have to have an ELD block for ELA-S classrooms!!(Avenues, etc.)
Creative, Empowered, and High Achieving Students
Innovative, Vibrant, and Inclusive School Community
Preparing students for future success via 21st century skills: language development, technological literacy, & creativity/collaboration/communication/critical thinking

Positive Behavior Intervention Support
Dean of Culture 1.0 FTE
No Nonsense Nurturing
After School Homework Support / Reflection Time
Daily Behavior Reports
Restorative Approaches
Family-School Partnership
Family/Community Liaison 1.0 FTE with expanded Job Responsibilities (currently have a .5 FTE)
Shared Community Commitment Form
Active PTO
Mandatory P/T Conferences
Parent Volunteer Commitment (4 hrs minimum)
DRA & ECE Assessments Prior to Start of School
After school and early risers child care option like Kaleidoscope
Student Involvement and Enrichment
Morning Meetings
Community Meeting on Friday Afternoons
Student Council – School Culture Advisement
Peer to Peer Support
Community-led Enrichments
Teacher Support
Professional Development for 2013-2014: 1 day Adult Culture & 1 day Student Culture
Weekly PD on Early Release Day
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