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Teaching From The Microcosm: Parker Palmer

No description

Jordan Bolte

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of Teaching From The Microcosm: Parker Palmer

Teaching in Community
Understand difference between student, teacher, and subject centered teaching.
Develop specific pedagogical methodologies to create a community of learning.
Utilize a community of learning to process the subject of higher education.
Please take a handout.
Pass the handouts out in any way that you like.
Feel free to move about the classroom.
"What do you think?"
Listen to ME.
Mr. Jordan Thomas Bolte, B.A.
Career Development Office Expert and Consultant
Greater institutional context
Learning Objectives
Teacher Centered
Student Centered
Relativism about truth in regard to the subject
"One truth for you is another for me"
Leadership is too diffuse
Difficult to confront ignorance and bias
Subject Centered
Teachers give the subject an independent voice
Community must be accountable to the subject
Students are not ignored
Teachers "bring to life" content
Subject injects passion into all life
Relax. Think.
Sit in silence for one-two minutes
How are you connected?
Clear your mind
Teaching from the Microcosm:
Methods for Teachers
Spend less time filling space
“What is the optimum use of the brief time my students and I share in the space called the classroom?”
Grains of Sand
We need to teach less, but at a deeper level
See the whole in a "grain of sand"
Patterns in Community
The community of truth has pedagogical power because it allows students to do their learning together

Patterns in community
Obsessed with the purity of knowledge
Ei-Ichi Negishi
Puts the object of knowledge above all else
Students are forbidden direct access to subject
Is it worth it?
Asking Good Questions
Questions that foster conversation and discovery:
How do you feel?
What about (x) makes you passionate about this field?
Connect to student
Mine down for greater understanding
Explicitly connect to passions
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