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David Woodhead

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of CSC CloudSRM

Managing supplier relationships and contracts in the connected enterprise CSC CloudSRM Why CloudSRM? 6 Success Factors Integrated Contract Management CSC CloudSRM Supply chain management has faced profound change...
Pre 2000
Simple goals for reducing costs
Frequently tactical decision making
Post 2000
Procure through partnership
Demanding internal customer
Need for agility, transparency, best practice Collaboration that radically benefits contract process Keep user experience in familiar MS Office
Salesforce controls Microsoft Office behavior
Rapidly expand Chatter Adoption
Socially enable Microsoft Office users
Track and Record all document activity
in Salesforce CSC CloudSRM Benefits Increase Buyer Effectiveness
with agile tools and access to best practice
Improve Supplier Relationships
with world-class collaboration capabilities
Enhance Value
for internal customers and suppliers Don't we have this covered already? Existing solutions on the market focus on operational functions of purchasing
Lack of strategic and analytical tools to support purchasing management
There is an opportunity to drive benefit through best practice and process optimisation Anticipate suppliers issues to avoid business disruption
Improve overall quality by securing new suppliers
Speed resolution to client/suppliers issues
Increase purchasing influence and coverage with clients
Share purchasing performance with all stakeholders
Minimum incremental savings of 2% on company spend The Contract Management Suite dramatically reduces the lifecycle time from contract request to execution and gives you complete visibility and control of your entire contract process. A critical step in transforming your supply chain.

CloudSRM and CSC's supply chain practice
delivers the insight, best practice and
tooling to help you move from good to
best-in-class and generate tangible
bottom line benefit. Priority has shifted from cost reduction to supplier relationship management. CSC, SRM Barometer, 2010 http://assets2.csc.com/presentations/cloudsrm/Web/1924_CSC_CloudSRM.html http://www.csc.com/contact_us/flxwd/78741-interested_in_our_services
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