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tomas pitta

on 29 April 2013

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. Whisky or whiskey is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash.

. Aged in woodencasks, made generally of charred white oak.

. The typical unifying characteristics of the different classes and types are the fermentation of grains, distillation, and aging in wooden barrels. Etimology . Anglicisation of the Gaelic word "uisce|uisge" meaning water.

. Distilled alcohol was known in Latin as aqua vitae = "water of life". translated to Gaelic as Irish: uisce beatha and Scottish Gaelic: uisge beatha = "lively water" or "water of life".

. Early forms of the word in English included uskebeaghe (1581), usquebaugh (1610), usquebath (1621), usquebae (1715). History
Even though the first records of distillation come from the Babylonians in Mesopotamia in the 2nd millennium BC, with perfumes and aromatics being distilled these were not alcoholic distillations. The earliest records of the distillation of alcohol are in Italy in the 13th century, where alcohol was distilled from wine.
The art of distillation spread to Ireland and Scotland no later than the 15th century. . The first confirmed written record of whisky comes from 1405 in Ireland.

.In Scotland, the first evidence of whisky production comes from an entry in the Exchequer Rolls for 1494 .

. Between 1536 and 1541 as the monks were expelled from the monasteries and those were closed the distilling process was moved to a more familiar enviroment.

.1608-the Old Bushmills Distillery in the north coast of Ireland got a licence to distil . .After the English Malt Tax of 1725, most of Scotland’s distillation was either shut down or forced underground.

.the Whiskey Rebellion erupted in 1791.

.In 1823, the UK passed the Excise Act, legalizing the distillation (for a fee).

. In 1850, Andrew Usher began producing a blended whisky .

.By the 1880s, whisky became the primary liquor in many markets.

.During the Prohibition era in the United States lasting from 1920 to 1933, all alcohol sales were banned in the country. Whisky Curiosity . Gangster Al Capone gained infamy during the Prohibition era as he ran an organized bootlegging syndicate and made 60 million eur in sales in 1927!
. After repealing the Prohibition Amendment, President Franklin D. Roosevelt told the nation, "What America needs now is a drink". SCOTLAND IRELAND Canada United States Japan Main Whisky Producers:

. Scotland
. Ireland
. United States
. Canada
. Japan Scotland Main Whisky producer Scotch Whisky contributes 2.7 billion euros in Scotlands GAV (gross added value)

• The industry employs over 10,000 workers,
with a total gross income of 464 million euros;

• The wider economic footprint supports
around 35,000 jobs and nearly 3.9 billion euros;
The Balvenie Vintage Cask 1974.
Price 5 640 euros The Balvenie 21 years old
The Balvenie Vintage Cask 1964

A sweet, honeyed nose, with spiced oak and a hint of dark marmalade give way to lighter fruit aromas of peach, dried orange peel and caramel or fudge. Price - 14 200 euros The Balvenie Chivas Regal Chivas Regal 25 years old. Chivas Regal Royal Salute 62 Gun.
Price 2 300 euros The Dalmore The Dalmore Trinitas 64 years old.
Price 160 000 euros The Dalmore Zenith.
Price 150 000 euros Glenfiddich 50 Years old. Price 26 000 euros Glenfiddich 55 Years old.
The nose is complex, with rose and violet notes and a delicate note of drying tobacco leaf. There is a little oakand a whiff of smoke. The palate turns from sweet marmalade to layers of soft fruit and oak tannins.
Price 94 000 euros Glenfiddich Glenfiddich 1937 (64 Years old)
Price 71 700 euros The Glenlivet The Glenlivet 70 Years old presents a sweet nose with apple, faint vanilla and old leather. Slightly waxy texture, with faint smoke on the fruity palate and fruit acidity in the lengthy, well-balanced finish. Price 35 888 euros Highland park Highland Park 40 years old. Highland Park 50 years old
Price 17 000 euros Johnnie Walker Johnnie Walker Blue label (30 Years).
Price 200 Euros A fruity scent leads the way in the Johnnie Walker Diamond Jubilee, slowly evolving into mango, blueberry, and an almost jammy blackberry note. Price 198 500 Euros Johnnie Walker King George V.
Price 580 Euros Whyte & Mackay Whyte & Mackay 30 years old.
Price 200 euros Whyte & Mackay 40 years old.
Price 2 000 euros Glenmorangie Glenmorangie 25 Years old. Full ripe, raspberry, spice cake, and ginger oakiness. Hints of cigar box. Beautifully balanced.Extreme fruitiness heads for a long,deep, slightly spicy finish. Price 250 Euros Glenmorangie Signet.
Price 170 Euros Glenmorangie Sonnalta PX The Glenrothes The Glenrothes John Ramsay. Blood orange on the nose, with trademark vanilla notes balanced by a light spicines: Examplary, falvor delivery with balanced oak and fruit on the palate; multilayered complexity, from fresh mango to cooked apple, The finish is elegant,long, well-developed, adn tactile. Price 1 000 Euros The Glenrothes 1972. Price 160 Euros Bowmore Bowmore1957 (54 Years).
At first breath, an elixir of blueberries and wild figs with mellow almonds, tropical fruit and rich oaky overtones hits the nose. The palate reveals layer upon layer of sweet and refined ocean tastes with soft blueberries, cassis and figs, sea salt and fresh eucalyptus. Next, a wisp of teasing smoke and traces of dark chocolate fuse with notes of grapefruit and juicy oak, carried along by a warming marine breeze. This sensory journey ends with a long and whispering finish of cassis, bergamot and star anise. Price 178 000 euros Macallan Macallan1926.
Price 75 000 euros Macallan in Lalique 1946.
Price 470 000 euros Macallan 60 years old.
Price 54 000 euros The Macallan In Lalique 1946 (64 Years old).
The color presents a rich oak tone while on the nose we can experience pear smoke, dried orange peal, muscovado sugar and cedar wood mix with spicy cinnamon sticks and cloves. The palate is spicy with a touch of blood oranges, rosin, treacle and walnuts, cocoa chocolate and peat smoke the finish is smooth and spices with lingering peats and dark chocolate.
Price 470 000 euros Macallan in Lalique 1946 Windsor Windsor Diamond Jubilee. Nose of light, clear fruit and a cleansing sweetness which deepens before drying. Refined fruity aromas balance creamy-sweet and spicy wood. The palate is firm and clean, with a complex balance of sweet green-fruit sharpness and hints of smoke, warm spice and smooth vanilla. This incredible drinking experience finishes with a delicate balance of dried mixed fruit and freshness.
Price 142 000 euros Chivas Regal 50 Years old, Magnificent notes of the finest dark chocolate marry with hints of warm spicy cinnamon. Price 10 300 euros The Dalmore 62 Years old.
On the nose, black cherry, raisin, fig cake, and caramelized citrus fruits. On the palate, nuts give way to coffee, coconut, cracked black pepper and banana.
Price 200 000 euros The Dalmore Glenfarclas 1955 50 year old.
Wealthy tasters are warned to overlook this richly scented 50 year old Speyside at their own “peril.” Spicy and silky with a sweet start, this is the oldest batch ever bottled by the Glenfarclas distillery.
Price 11 878 euros Glenfarclas Bushmills Millenium malt.
Sweet, grassy malt, a bit oily in the mouth, this is a quintessence of the bushmils character: balanced, round, smoothy flawless with a whispering-soft finish.
Price 600 euros Bushmills Tullamore Dew black 43.
Price 150 Euros Tullamore Dew Taketsuru 21 Years.
Sweet notes and a deep resin tone. Oily and a little buttery with fresh fruits, sugar almond, and barley. Dried apricot and honey.
Price 180 Euros Taketsuru Yamazaki 1984.
The nose has huge intensity of sandalwood, incense dark cherries, and darker chocolate. Cherries on the nose follow through to the palate accompanied by coconut-covered toffee. The finish is very big, hot and peppery.Price 1 100 Euros Yamazaki Yamazaki 50 years old.
The bouquet features a sumptuously sweet Oriental fragrance inherited from the mizunara cask. Strong on the palate yet as mellow as silk with a hint of smokiness.
Price12 356 euros Karuizawa 1971 Cask nº 6878.
Price 1 100 Euros Karuizawa Karuizawa 1964 (48 years old).
In the nose we ca expect Tangerines intertwine with sweet spring blossoms before yielding to freshly-dug earth, and hushed myrrh and styrax. Hewn trees warmed by the sun and lovely perfumes linger. The palate presents spiced orange chocolates and rich oak pervade with savoury dark sugars covering the mouth. Well-balanced throughout, it stands up well to water. Softer balance reveals itself as the alcohol is soothed by the water.
Price 11 279 Euros Hibiki 30 Years old.
Nose shows clean, orange marmalade, medium intensity, fruity fading into spice and pepper. Sweet citrus fruit with bittersweet chocolate/coffee. Dry, light to medium body. Hint of smoke at back end. Touch of white pepper bite. Finishes on dried orange peel bitterness.
Price 1 064 Euros Hibiki Pappy Van Winkle's 23 Year Old Family Reserve.
Price 70 Euros Pappy Van Winkle's Woodford Reserve Master’s collection Maple wood finish.Cinnamon underpins the nose, with hints of chocolate and apricot. On the palate the maple word brings flavors of cedar cigar box, cinnamon, and roasted nuts. The lingering finish is the best of all : maple-stewed apricot and peach, baking spices, and black tea.
Price 140 Euros Woodford Reserve Alberta Premium 30 Years old.
Price 50 Euros Alberta Premium Crown royal commemorating Queen XR.
There is a plenty of corn, caramel, and butterscotch. The caramel flavour reminds the Halloween, those orange wrapped caramel candies with that softer punkier caramel flavour. Deeper into the whisky we have some dark fruit, some marzipan, and a few hints of orange peel as well. Price 10 000 euros Crown Royal The Most Expensive Bottle Most Expensive Bottle of Whisky
The Isabella’s Isley Original retails for (6.2 Million euros), and flaunts over 8500 diamonds, almost 300 rubies and the equivalent of two bars of white gold all covering a fine English Crystal decanter and the Very Old Single Malt cask strength Islay whisky inside.
Each individual Isabella Islay is handcrafted to the buyer’s liking. Also available is the Isabella Special Edition, which retails for (740,000 euros), and boasts the finest British craftsmanship in Crystal, White Gold and diamond lettering. The whisky inside both the editions is also available in refills.Tasting NotesNose: Sweet, fruit, light peat with some candy & eucalyptus. Taste: Sweet, floral, fruity and peat. Palate: Smoke, bacon, fruits. Finish: Eucalyptus and peat Isabella’s Isley bushmills old distellery
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