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My World in Ada: Ohio Northern University

No description

Julieanne Evans

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of My World in Ada: Ohio Northern University

My World in Ada: Ohio Northern University
Let Your Creativity Flourish
Being a Northern Polar Bear means you have the opportunity to express yourself with no boundaries. Choosing between majors such as pharmacy, biology, nursing, communication, public relations and musical theater, Northern has an area for everyone.
Greek Life at ONU
The beautiful thing about greek life here on Northern's campus is the small, community, personal feel. Every woman and man know one another and support each other no matter the issue. Love is central.
Ohio Northern offers a myriad of major interests for each student to find their place in University life. My journey began with chemistry and I found myself captivated by the arts and communication studies.
From Science to the Arts
Finding a place of comfort in college can be tricky. Finding a place of comfort in Kappa Alpha Theta was not tricky at all.
Home Away from Home
The Zeta Sigma Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta was established in 1994 at Ohio Northern University. Incredible, strong, loving and faithful women gathered to create a chapter on our campus, allowing women to feel the passion that is Kappa Alpha Theta. 20 years this spring and still spreading our love.
20 Years Strong
The Northern cheer team is another aspect of the University that is continuing to excel. Through leadership, spirit, representation and dedication, this group of young men and women strive to cheer on the University the best they can.
O-N-U Let's Go!
With the University being founded in 1871, many years have gone by but many accomplishments have stood with Ohio Northern. A small campus with a big heart and friendly, warm energy.
A University of History
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