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My English CPT

Rain George

on 16 January 2013

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vArsHa GeoRge THE HERO - JAKE SULLY possesses a tragic flaw - hasty and impatient 1. The Call to Adventure Jake is asked to replace his twin brother in the habitable moon of Pandora.
Dr. Grace Augustine as Supernatural Aid 3. Supernatural Aid 4. The Crossing of the First Threshold 5. The Belly of the Whale Jake is unconscious for a few minutes Part One: THE DEPARTURE 6. The Road of Trials Jake in his avatar goes to the Pandoran forest - amazed by the plants and animals Part Two: THE INITIATION 7. The Meeting with the Goddess Neytiri protects Jake from the animals of the jungle 8. Woman as the Temptress Colonel Quaritch promises Jake to restore his legs if he succeeds in getting the Na'vi people to leave the Hometree 9. Atonement with the Father He realises that the Na'vi people are right about protecting the forest and the trees 10. Apotheosis 11. The Ultimate Boon 12. Refusal of the Return When Jake is unplugged from his Avatar body, he refuses to return. Part Three: The Return 13. The Magic Flight 14. Rescue from Without The animals from the forest of Pandora joins the battle and fights for the Na'vi 15. The Crossing of the Return Threshold 16. Master of the Two Worlds 17. Freedom to Live Neytiri saves Jake's real body from suffocating and dying showing her love for Jake in both his selves COMPARISONS Hamlet pretends to be mad - Jake pretends to be Na'vi 1. Avatar and Hamlet 2. Avatar and Frankenstein theme of death 3. Avatar and The Wars theme of death THE END -------------------- The officials - Herald 2. Refusal of the Call He calls himself a "dumb grunt" Jake feels incompetent and confused about accepting the offer. offer of high pay changes his mind Avatar body as amulet/weapon educates him about the mission trains him how to use his avatar body teaches him what to do in the forest first transformation into the avatar body The Scientists - Threshold Guardian awakes in the avatar body new life - perfect body, he can use his legs possesses special power that Na'vi recognise possesses genes similar to Na'vi is attacked by an animal - gets lost in the forest - fights more animals in the forest She introduces him to the clan She teaches him about the Na'vis and life in Pandora They fall in love and choose each other as mates by the approval of the clan Jake is initiated into the clan and connects with the tree of souls Jake understands the concept of Eywa and the love for the Navi's to the forest. " Out there is the true world. In here is the dream" He declares his allegiance to the Na'vi Jake conquers the Toruk nad regains the trust of the Na'vi. He unites the clans and prepares them for battle against the humans. Colonel Quaritch chases Jake on the toruk in his battleship Jake is unplugged out of his Avatar body by Colonel Quartrich The humans are send back to earth Jake chooses his Avatar body leaving behind his paralyzed body theme of war significant role of animals Robert fought for the animals - Jake fought for the Na'vis theme of Danger of Knowledge theme of Power Corrupts theme of Reason v/s Passion theme of death theme of war theme of revenge theme of appearance v/s reality loses his twin brother leads and prepare the Na'vi for the war fights bravely even at the brink of losing life
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