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Vanessa Andre

My Friend

julia gonda

on 3 August 2013

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Transcript of Vanessa Andre

Why does she dot her I's?
Why does she tap?

YOUR dark side.
Vanessa Andre.
No one knows.
Who is this human being?
No one knows.
Not to be mistaken for vay-jay. Also known as vagina.
Much worse than mine. You don't expect that from a girl so sweet and innocent looking, but boy, you are an evil force to NOT mess with.
But. Do I love you?
That's a
Supper duper hard.
You ARE an interesting specimen...
But you are quite devilish most times...
Geezes. I don't know.......
I think I do love you.
How Much You Love Me.
How Much I Love You.
But Not As Much As You Love Me.
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