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Poveglia Island

No description

Karina Carrillo

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Poveglia Island

Poveglia Island
patient in the mental hospital reported sighting of ghosts of the plague victims and some could even hear the tortured wails of the spirits.
Also legends says there was doctor who liked to perform experiment on his patients in the bell tower and died there. It is said that you can still hear the chime of the bell
someone reported when entering the mental hospital and they heard "Leave immediately and do not return."
History of Poveglia
In the 13 and 14 Century the Bubonic plague or also known as Black Death was going around and Poveglia was where they exile the one who were sick. Also many were burned.
In 1922 the island became place where mentally ill resided in an asylum.
Fun Facts
Poveglia is owned by the government and is off limits to the public..
Fishermen stay away from the island because the bones get tangled in the net.
It is said to be currently used for vineyards.
Over 160,000 people have died here.
Haunting in Poveglia
In 421 Poveglia was place where people would flee from barbaric invaders.
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