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Student Enrollment Walk-Through

A walk-through of the new Fall 2016 UC Berkeley student enrollment experience within CalCentral.

SIS Project

on 15 April 2016

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Transcript of Student Enrollment Walk-Through

Fall 2016 Student Enrollment Walk-Through
This is the Class Enrollment card
Visit CalCentral's
"My Academics" page
This alert will appear if you have any holds.
The top of the card contains your Advisor information
Once your Academic Planner is set up, you will see the courses planned for the upcoming term
In the "Plan" section, you may build your academic plan
Visit the Schedule
of Classes to...
Here, you will access tools and information
for the enrollment process
Such as your enrollment appointment times
In Schedule Planner, you can create a list of classes you plan to enroll in and preview alternative schedules
The Academic Planner tool may be used to create a course enrollment plan for your degree program
search for classes,
add classes to your
Shopping Cart,
and review or edit your Shopping Cart
Once you have chosen your preferred schedule, you can send the list to your Shopping Cart
You may access the Shopping Cart in CalCentral by selecting "Choose Classes"
Remember, you will not be able to enroll into classes until your "Phase I" period has started
enter the tool, Schedule Planner from section "3. Schedule"

You may modify your class schedule using these options
The bottom of the card will contain your enrolled and waitlisted classes
This tool may not be available until mid-May of 2016
You may enter the tool, "Schedule Planner" from the Shopping Cart,
From the shopping cart, you may import your classes from "Schedule Planner" and enroll
The "Explore" section contains several links to research class options
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