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Report Writing

How to write a research report

diana van dijk

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of Report Writing

A research Report
Process before writing
Process during writing
Process after writing
'A report is a statement of the results of an investigation or any matter on which definite information is required.'( OED)
different types of reports
Plan of Approach ( Think before you write)
Write down your findings and sources
Follow the structure of your table of content
Start writing immediately. Don't wait till the end of your research
Revision is very important
Reports are a highly structured form of writing
Plan of Approach
Who's your audience?
Analyse the assignment

What's your objective?
Write a short report about
the satisfaction of lecturers and students with the canteen on the fourth floor of the G-building Academy SLM
Assessment form
4 assignments
1. Plan of Approach and table of contents
2. Introduction ( Chapter 1)
3. Estimated results and conclusions and recommendations
4. Summary and use of sources
Use checklists book
From chaos to structure
Example of a Table of contents
reports of a work placement
advice reports
technical reports
laboratory reports
Field trip reports
Content Plan of Approach
1. Description background, context, problem
2. Objective and research questions
3. Method of research
4. Planning
Read the book A good report
Draft version Plan of Approach
Draft version table of content

20.45 min Path to report writing
Chapter 1 Introduction
4 paragraphes
1.1 Description background, context, problem, assignment
Objective and research questions
1.3 Method of research
1.4 Structure for reading
Read the book
Definite Plan of Approach
Definite Table of Contents
Draft Chapter 1 Introduction
Read the book
Finish first 3 assignments
Start with results
Bring printed material
Bring the hand-outs
Results research
Data analysis
Survey results
Quotations interviews
Literature study
Desk research
Chapter Conclusions and recommendations
conclusions derive from results
conclusions should be clear and strong
recommendations derive from conclusions
recommendations should be
pratical and useful
A summary
(description, objective, research questions, method of research and the most important conclusions and recommendations)

No new information

Use APA style

See handout use of sources
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