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Milton Wolf Project

No description

Carrie Boone

on 19 February 2017

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Transcript of Milton Wolf Project

Milton Wolf Project
Survival in Sarajevo
Preface the film with information on Sarajevo
Show the film
Have each student open Padlet
Type parallels or majoy differences between their card & the individuals in the video
Apply it to Today
Give some background on the Civil War in Syria
They have no clue what is going on!
Show them the Syria timeline from BBC
Wrap Up
"From Sarajevo to Syria: Where is the world's moral compass?"- BBC
After studying the Holocaust, Bosnian genocide, and other events in history why do we has a human race allow "history to repeat itself"?
What can we do as part of the human race to make sure that history does not repeat itself?
After they have time to write allow them to talk it out too
Importance of Stories
"If something happens, I would want there to be somebody who would remember that someone named D. Berger had once lived."
Create a memorial card with the story of their chosen person
Artistic representation of their story on one side
Name & country on the back
Take them time to show them different resources to use!
Create & trade!
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