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Advance Portfolio A2 Media Coursework


Adam Meagher

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Advance Portfolio A2 Media Coursework

Advanced Portfolio
A2 Media Coursework In what ways does your media
product use, develop or
challenge forms and conventions
of real media texts? The Metros - Talk About It Late Of The Pier - Heartbeat Both these music videos are from a similar genre of music
as i chose for mine, so i think they are a good representation
of the sort of forms and conventions that are common in this
type of music video. These two shots show how my video challenges conventions
purely through the filming techniques and locations available
to me. Obviously most bands making music videos have thousands
of pounds that they can put into it things like mis-en-scene which
I dont have, as shown by this shot of the Late Of The Pier video. These two screen shots show how my video conforms
to the forms of costume in this genre of music. As my actors
are all into this sort of music, they are influenced by the style
so they wear this clothes as it is, this made costuming very easy
as they already conformed to the style of the genre I also took some shots in my video and sped them
up. Such editing techniques are common place in music
videos and clips being sped up or slow down often help
tell the narrative or at least help the video to fit in with the pace of the song. What have you learned from your
audience feedback? Where I got my audience
feedback: I got my audience feedback
from posting my video on YouTube
and Facebook. I also got feedback from
showing the video to friends and family
and also general feedback from people in
class while I was editing my video. As of the start of this week, I had 28 views
of my video on YouTube. I am yet to recieve any comments on it on either YouTube or Facebook but I have had various verbal feedback. My target audience:
Is mainly anyone from about 14 to 30, both male and female. They are the sort of person who spends a lot of their money on music, going to gigs etc. As well as shopping in places like Topman/Topshop My audience feedback has shown me
that there are parts of my work that I could of
done differently or better. However, the main thing
it's shown me is how I have improved my technical
skills over the course of the year. The feedback in
general is a lot more positive than it was on the first
projects this year. How effective is the combination of your main product and your ancillary tasks? Album cover Advertisement My album cover combines well with my music video as
it uses shots that are very similar to those in the video. This
makes it easy for someone to relate the video to the product
when they see it in a shop or wherever. It has a pretty simple
layout which conforms to other album covers in this genre. The advertisement, like the album cover, also has an image
that relates to one of the shots from the music video
which makes it easier to identify the artist when you see
one and then the other.

Distribution -
This is key as the more people that see the advertisement,
the better the other products will do. This advertisement
would be put on things like bus stops and train stations
and also published in magazines that are specific to the
genre, such as NME and Q. Distribution -
This is key for an album as the more widely it is
distributed, the better it is going to do in terms
of sales. I would try to get it sold in all major
record shops like HMV and also online at places
such as play.com Launch plan - To launch a product a product
like this, a band of this genre normally does
things like instore shows or signing sessions
to help get people into shops to buy albums.
As well as this, depending on finance, you
could launch various advertising campaigns
like more posters or online/radio advertising. Basically, both the album cover and the poster
are designed to help sell the product as well as
possible. Although, this alone isnt enough. Selecting
where the adverts are placed and where the cd is sold
is very important. It needs to be in places that the target
audience would see, such as publications and shops that
focus on that genre of music. These are examples of album
covers from the same genre, they
show the image doesnt focus on
something specific to the band, like
a band member. This shows how my
album cover conforms to the
conventions of the genre. Adam Meagher
Candidate Number - 6097 How did you use new media technologies
in the construction and research, planning
and evaluation stages? Research I used YouTube to look
at music videos from the same
genre as mine. I used music websites such
as NME and Q to do research
into how bands advertise. I used blogger to keep my
ideas in one, easy accesible place. Planning I used my lyrics as a storyboard
as i annotated them so i knew what
to film for what part of the song. I found my location that I
wanted to film in. I also found the people I
wanted to feature in my video and
drew up a timetable for when we could
film. Construction I used a video to film and a tripod
to make sure my shots were steady. I used my phone camera for
my ancillary tasks as i felt a 8 megapixel
camera was good enough and it made
uploading the pictures easy. I used the iMovie programme on
the Mac Book to upload and edit my
video. I also used the iDVD programme
to burn my video on to DVD when finished. I used iTunes to save the track
I was using so I had easy access
to it. Evaluation Prezi was used to construct
my evaluation. YouTube and Facebook
were used in order to gain
the majority of my audience feedback. Blogger will be used
to upload all my evaluation and work
when its done. Google was used to get most
of the images onto this presentation Paint was used to get screen
shots from videos.
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