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No description

Rukaya Johaadien

on 10 November 2015

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Transcript of Infographics

Rukaya Johaadien
An infographic is...
And visually presented to tell a story
This session
First steps
Your toolbox
A few things to think about
An exercise
First steps
First things first
Explore and play with your data
Decide on your message
Keep it simple
Or you'll lose them...
Think about your audience
Everyone has different attitudes, values, interests, sense of humour and beauty, etc...
Who they are & what your message is
define your infographic
"The hook"
tone of voice
Colour, line, shape
Form & organisation
Font, image choices
Your toolbox
The essential starting point
Expensive software?
Your toolbox: Digital considerations
Hang on, why bother?
Free and open source alternatives
Infographic design
Show, don't tell & ALWAYS think about your audience
For each piece of text: can it be replaced or be supplemented by a map, drawing, graph/chart?
= 243%???
of what?
Visual "hooks":
Your exercise
Choose one or several (or all!) of the facts below:
Decide on your message & audience
Sketch out an infographic design.
100 000 000 sharks are killed every year by humans, 73 million for shark fin soup
60% of shark species are on the red list
There has been a 90% decline in shark populations in the last 20 years
A whale shark can bring $250 000 to the economy through eco-tourism
A single dead whale shark will sell for between $600 and $3000
A bowl of shark fin soup costs $100 in Hong Kong
95% of each caught shark is wasted (fin is about 5% of a shark's mass)
8 humans per year are killed by sharks
Sharks have been swimming in the oceans for 34 000 000 years
Humans have been around for 200 000 years
Sharks can detect one drop of blood in a million drops of water
At 14:10 we shall go through the sketches & you can explain your design decisions
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