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What is 21st Century Literature?

- intro to 21st century lit class

Marnie Heim

on 17 August 2015

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Transcript of What is 21st Century Literature?

What is 21st
Century Literature?
The NCTE (National Council of
Teachers of English) defines what it
means to be literate
"as society and technology change, so does
Because technology has increased the
intensity and complexity of literate environments,
the 21st century demands that a literate person
possess a wide range of abilities and competencies,
many literacies.
These literacies - from reading online newspapers to
participating in virtual classrooms - are
multiple, dynamic, and malleable."
21st century readers and writers need to
- develop proficiency with the tools of technology
- build relationships with others to pose and solve problems collaboratively and cross-culturally
- design and share information for global communities to meet a variety of purposes
- manage, analyze, and synthesize multiple streams of simultaneous information
- create, critique, analyze, and evaluate multi-media texts
What is the 21st Century reader?
- they grew up using technology as a primary learning tool
- they are capable of navigating and interpreting digital formats and media messages
- possesses literacy skills which include technological abilities such as keyboarding, internet navigation, interpretation of technological speak, ability to communicate and interpret coded language and decipher graphics
What is 21st Century Literature?
- new literary work created within
the last decade
- written by contemporary authors
- deals with current themes and issues
- reflects a technological culture
- often breaks traditional writing rules
- emerging genres: IM and blog format books,
digi-fiction, doodle
Some examples of
21st century
Illustrated Novels:
- story through text and illustrated images
- generally, 50% of narrative is presented
without words
- reader must interpret images in order to
comprehend complete story
- span all genres
- textual portions are presented in traditional form
Referred to as triple media fiction
- book, movie/video, internet website
In order to get the full story, students must
engage in navigation, reading, and viewing in all
three formats
Graphic Novels
- narrative work in which the story
is conveyed to the reader using comic form
- covers many genres - non-fiction, fiction,
short stories

warning - video clips for Level 26
are comparable to PG13 ratings

- a literary presentation where
the author incorporates doodle
drawings and hand written graphics
in place of traditional font
- drawings enhance the story
- they often add humorous elements that
would be missing if illustrations were
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