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Use of Than/As Clauses

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Andie Muller

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Use of Than/As Clauses

"than/as" clauses Why do we use "as"? One reason for following the rules of grammar is
that doing so will make your writing and speech
more precise.
This is very much the case with "than/as" c
constructions. Why do we use
"than/as"? The same sentence can have two totally different The word "than" is also being used as a conjunction
between clauses in sentences where to possessive
pronouns are being compared. The possessive
pronouns used after than or as are:

mine ours yours his hers its theirs "Than" and "as", show that a comparison is being drawn between something in the first part of the sentence with something in the second. For example: " Her spell works better than MINE" You compare people but you can also compare
two things to each other, like:
" Chicago is larger than Carbondale "
Often used right after or near the word RATHER
For example:
"I´d RATHER eat a full meal than snack on chips"
" RATHER than just snacking on chips, I´d prefer
eating a full meal"
Technically, you should use the subject
pronoun after than, as opposed to the
object pronoun. -To enhance the effectiveness of your questions by more precisely directing the client´s attention.
-To specify or frame the context in which the question is answered.
- In a variety of ways.
- At different times in the process. The words that can be used in place of "As" and
the effect of using this variation.
Definitions of as:
1. While or When He caught me
(Often preceded by "just") AS I leave.
2. In the way that Dancing AS only
she can.
3. That which; what I did AS i was told.
4. (Of) Which fact, event,etc.. To become wise,
AS we all know, is
not easy.
5.In the same way that He died of cancer, AS his
father died.
6. For instance Capital cities, AS London..
7. Indicates identify of extent, She is AS heavy AS
amount. her sister.
8. In the Role of; being AS his friend, I am probably
biased. Susan AS MUCH AS David likes Susan. than I", you would mean that you do not like But if you were to say: " David likes Susan better jealous woman. is meaning that David PREFERS Susan to the For example: "David likes Susan better than me" meanings. Use either as … as or not as … as in the sentences below.

Example: Ben Nevis is __________ as Mont Blanc (not/high).

Answer: Ben Nevis is not as high as Mont Blanc.

1) The blue car is _______ the red car. (fast)
2) Peter is _______ Fred. (not/tall)
3) The violin is _______ the cello. (not/low)
4) This copy is _______ the other one. (bad)
5) Oliver is _______ Peter. (optimistic)
6) Today it's _________ yesterday. (not/windy)
7) The tomato soup was ________ the mushroom soup. (delicious)
8) Grapefruit juice is _________ lemonade. (not/sweet)
9) Nick is ________ Kevin. (brave)
10) Silver is _______ gold. (not/heavy) He is a banker as his father was before him. Let´s see this sentences. As a banker, he is very reliable. He is as good a banker as his father. He works in the same bank as me / as I do. The End USING "THAN" Using "than" with
Parallelism When making a comparison using than, make sure the
clauses are parallel. Be sure to check the nouns, adjectives
and adverbs as well as the verbs.
Exercise: (Make them parallel)
It will be faster to go this way than going that way.
Was it easier to type than it used to be to write long hand?
Answers: It will be faster to go this way than to go that way.
Which one is the right one?
Was it easier to type than it used to be to write long hand?
Was it easier to type than it was to write long hand?
Was it easier to type than it is to write long hand?
Was it easier to type than it will be to write long hand?

In formal and academic writing, remember to maintain the formal tone by keeping the sentences entirely parallel.

My cat is bigger than yours.
My cat is bigger than your cat. Using parallelism with "as" USING "AS"
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