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Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate

No description

Theo DeBono

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate

GHB was synthesized in the 1970's as an alt. anesthetic for surgeries.

Typically found in liquid form, users either drink or inject the substance.

GHB blocks neuroreceptors in the brain to rid the feeling of fatigue during intense weight lifting sessions.

Quickly outlawed by the medical community after recreational use led to multiple deaths in night clubs and parties.

The effects of GHB depend on a variety of factors, such as:
-Size, weight and health
-Whether the person is used to taking related narcotics
-Whether other drugs are taken at around the same time
-The strength of the drug (varies from batch to batch)
Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate acid was discovered to be a powerful stimulant for growth hormones.

Further marketed for muscle growth, weight loss, and dieting.

Users describe a euphoric "high" lasting 2-3 hours, completely blocking nerves from the brain. Giving users the ability to train for long hours and recover quickly.
GHB has been made illegal on a worldwide scale.

Underground production, manufacturing, and distribution still occur across the globe.

GHB has remained relatively inexpensive regardless of illicitness.

10 doses being available for less than $20 USD.
Overdose symptoms
-Irregular or shallow breathing
-Confusion, irritation and agitation -Hallucinations
-Blackouts and memory loss
-Unconsciousness that can last for 3 to 4 hours
Short Term effects
-Feelings of euphoria
-Increased sex drive
-Lowered inhibitions
-Memory lapses
-Dizziness or headache
-Lowered temperature, heart rate and blood pressure
Natural levels are not harmful.
It's even possible for a patient to be prescribed GHB in low doses in order to address disorders like narcolepsy.
However, when taken in high doses, GHB has an overwhelming sedative effect that can cause the patient to:

Become unconscious
Develop respiratory problems
Fall into a coma
GHB has been classified as a schedule 1 narcotic by the FDA.

Making it illegal for recreational use, let alone use in the professional sports world.

Gamma Hydroxy is labeled a depressant, which is odd for a drug that is accredited with giving users a rush of energy and laser focus.
Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate
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