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Lea Anderson Collaborative Artwork

3rd Grade

Laura Maxwell

on 20 June 2014

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Transcript of Lea Anderson Collaborative Artwork

Artist Lea Anderson
About the Artist
American, has lived in New Mexico and California
Loves natural shapes and patterns
organic forms
geometric patterns
, and
vibrant colors
, I create works that live, breathe, and expand within one’s
Important Words

When an artwork looks right together, something that is the same throughout it.
Combining different things, so that not everything looks the same.
Like when you get dressed in the morning!
Now lets look at Lea's art again, tell me where you see UNITY and VARIETY
Now we are
going to make one big artwork inspired by Lea Anderson!
1 Draw 3 circles in a VARIETY of shapes (sm, med, lg)
2. Fill in the circles with a VARIETY of patterns and designs. Include your name or initials.
3. Use warm or cool colored crayons to add color--to create UNITY
4. Cut them out, and we
will put them together!
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